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Where To Buy Inexpensive Wall Art

From moody landscape art and abstract canvases to trendy pop prints, or even a fun array of tapestries, the internet is your own personal gallery for discovering wall art gems to amp up your living spaces.

where to buy inexpensive wall art

Many men and women admire and appreciate large artwork, but they can be skeptical about purchasing their own large pieces. This is due to two very common concerns regarding purchasing oversized wall art: it is not affordable, and it is too hard to transport.

As mentioned this is such a small curation of what is all available online, but we love all of these and they would all work so well in many different styles of homes. So now that you have some of the art picked out, it comes time to purchase the file, download it, and then send it off to be printed. There are so many places to print and you might have somewhere local that could do it for even cheaper than what we have listed, but here are just a few that we would recommend:

Unfortunately when we switched platforms and moved servers we did lose some of the old content ? but it may still be on his old site or was potentially reposted somewhere or like Shopgirl says you could try refreshing your browser and it could work. xx

Artwork is one of the ways to make your home unique, personal and interesting. With gallery walls being so popular, you can easily spend a small fortune on filling your wall! The same can be said about buying a larger canvas.

You can get a nice sized wall calendar for a fraction of the price of one piece of artwork. That means 12 to 18 potential artworks all in one piece for one price! An absolute bargain at the end of the year! If you have an old wall calendar see if you can frame and hang any of the art from there.

There are lots of online printing services like Vistaprint, Snapfish and Shutterfly. We can make the most out of our photos, by creating your own meaningful wall gallery with all your own personal photos.

Like all of you, I have been staying home a lot lately. Most of the time actually. It has given me a chance to finish some small projects that kept getting pushed aside for "later". Quarantine must be Latin for "later" because I'm crossing things off my list like crazy ;) One of the things I have been putting off since after Christmas is redoing the gallery wall in the front room. Up until a couple of weeks ago it still had Christmas prints in the frames. I was able to find some inexpensive wall art to fill my frames from the comfort of my own sofa.

If you're in the market for wall art, you really can't go wrong with Society6, which boasts an expansive selection and handy filtering tools for finding the right piece. For slightly more accessible prices and fast turnarounds on custom sizes, check out Wayfair. And if you're serious about art and are willing to invest in high-quality pieces, Saatchi Art is a great resource.

According to interior designer Jennifer Hunter of Jennifer Hunter Design, it depends. She encourages clients to buy pieces that speak to them and make them happy. "However, if you are looking for art as an investment, do your research and try to identify up-and-coming artists." Luckily, not all wall art is exorbitantly expensive. You can find lots of affordable options by exploring the retailers featured here.

There are some exceptions, but generally speaking, wall art will look better and last longer in a frame. That said, getting a piece professionally framed can be tricky and sometimes expensive, which is why Epstein suggests buying art pre-framed if you're looking to save on costs.

Proof Gallery is located in The Distillery with a number of other galleries so visitors will have a lot to see when more than one studio or gallery is open at the same time. Contemporary, innovative and experimental art and artistry is the norm at Proof. However, the real draw for those looking for inexpensive art are Proof's flat files. Flat files are known for being less expensive, as they are original prints and drawings rather than more expensive works like paintings and sculpture. These are available to peruse by appointment or during gallery hours.

Another gallery that houses an impressive selection of flat files at reasonable prices is Carroll and Sons Art Gallery. This is largely thanks to its Boston Drawing Project, which invites artists to submit drawings, no charcoal, to sell in the gallery. Pieces range in medium from ink to paint. There are also photographs for those interested in hanging photographic prints. Of course, the selection is rather limited to potential wall art, but the prices are good for original pieces.

Not every photograph or piece of wall art needs expensive custom framing! There are so many gorgeous, ready made wall art frames out there that could fool the most discerning eye. Here are 5 of my favorite inexpensive wall art frames that I have used in past projects!

In founding Lauren Heller Art Consultant, I want to help others feel confident when making decisions about their wall decor. Art Consulting for the Real World is about sharing my passion and expertise with clients to create spaces they love!

Etsy is becoming my go to for art. There is so much good art on Etsy. I recently found this shop that has a ton of art and what I love the most is you an purchase sets. Like this one. If creating a gallery wall is something that intimidates you, this will make it so much easier to find art that all coordinates.

This is the part that can bite you in your wallet, but I have you covered. If I am looking for a large frame (bigger than 1114) I normally buy these frames from Michaels. They are usually on sale or will be on sale. I have never paid full price so if they are not on sale, just wait, they will be. I used these frames for my nautical prints on my mantel, for the flowers I took in my yard and watercolored and for my vintage floral print I downloaded from the NY library. For the price and size, they are great frames. I have another project in mind using more of these frames soon. You can see all of Michaels frames here

My favorite inexpensive frames are these. You can get them at the store for under $2 depending on your size. I personally really love these frames. They are pretty low profile but they are also matted (they have ones that are not matted as well), the front is glass and I have been known to spray paint the sides gold if I wanted to. I have also just left some black. I think they are great for the price especially if you have a gallery wall you want to do.

Founded in 2015 with the hopes of providing budget-friendly artwork to homes in Australia, Olive et Oriel has specific categories like Hamptons, country farmhouse and bohemian, so you can match your wall art to your interior style.

A marketplace for all things creative and homes. Pick up some pretty wall art as a canvas, poster, wall hanging or print which you can also purchase framed. And if you really love your design, why not also get it on a iPhone, pillow, mug, bag or jumper.

Adairs' range of wall art includes abstract and flower prints that will fit into any modern home and pair well with other items from the brand. It also offer a selection of kids' prints which creatively covers subjects like mythical creatures, transportation and dog breeds.

Wall art doesn't have to cost a fortune or be hard to put up on your walls. Every wall is a blank canvas for making your home more personal. Whether it's modern art, nature, or a collage of your favorite objects, it's a gallery just for you.

While your choice in art or photography can reflect the color scheme of a room in a major way, this is not necessary for visual harmony. Slight glimpses of color or even variations on a certain hue in your wall art can draw the eye to create tonal continuity. Or go with the power of stunning contrast while leaving concerns about matching colors behind.

Do you have a bunch of blank walls in your house that you need to fill with cool wall art, but don't want to spend a fortune? Or maybe you just have no idea where to find cool wall art? Well, I have you covered!

When it comes to finding affordable, awesome wall art, I have four favorite sources: my own graphic designs (you can see my printable art shop here) Minted, Etsy and Amazon. Seriously, all of these sources have some incredible options and I have hand-picked some of my very favorites for you. Many of the ones you see below are hanging in my own home :)

My Printable Art Shop: Even affordable art can add up, so I started designing my own prints a while back. I've received so many questions about where to buy them, that I finally launched my own printable art shop! It's a crazy affordable way to get the look of high-end art and I was able to create and customize EXACTLY what I wanted.

Etsy: If you like eclectic looks, Etsy is another great place to find cool wall art options that are created by independent artists. One of the cool aspects of Etsy is how you can find prints and even paintings for cheap. The work is often signed by the artist and the options are absolutely limitless.

So, if you don't find anything in My Printable Art Shop, at Minted or Etsy that tickle your fancy, give Amazon a try. You can find some really great wall art, and you might be surprised at the great prices too.

Looking through the different wall art options, do you have any favorites? I can tell you that one of those cool wall art prints from Minted will be going in our master bedroom in the near future. You'll have to wait to see which one it is :)

We all dream of owning an original by Monet or Warhol one day, or having a grand portrait of our family commissioned and displayed on our library wall. For now, our home decorating budget may be a bit less grand, which can make it tricky to find just the right wall art pieces to hang. You want artwork that's affordable, but not cheap; inexpensive but not tacky.

Words of wisdom from the Buddha are timeless and always motivational. This eye-catching artwork takes some of that wisdom and renders it in a rich vignette of reds and oranges. It's a powerful piece to hang in the office, living room, or anywhere you might need a boost. 041b061a72

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