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Star Delta Wiring Diagram With Timer Pdf High Quality Free

I think In the actual built circuit shown as picture posted, the star contactor is connected to the thermal overload terminal from motor side, which is more safety may be, not from delta contactor side as shown in power circuit diagram.

Star Delta Wiring Diagram With Timer Pdf Free

The power circuit of the starter consists of the following components:MCCB (Q1) : Protects the circuit from short circuits.Contractors : Main (1KM1), star (1KM2) and delta (1KM3). For switching.Overload relay. (OLR1) For protection against overloads.Terminals. (TB-X1) For motor connection.Control circuit wiringThe control circuit of the starter consists of the following components:

When the selector switch 1S1 is turned towards hand and the overload relay is not in trip position, the star contactor 1KM3 is turned on instantaneously, The timer IT2 and the main contactor 1KM1 are now turned on through the auxiliary contact of 1KM3. After a time delay, the timer auxiliary contacts 15-16 changes over to 15-18, thereby opening 1KM3 contactor and after a very short delay, the timer auxiliary contacts 25-26 changes over to 25-28, and the delta contactor 1KM2 is closed, thereby completing the star delta transition.

On the occurrence on motor overload, OLR-1 contacts 95-96 opens, thereby tripping the entire circuit.The run indication 1L1 turns ON along with main contactor and the trip indication 1L2 turns on when the OLR trips.Star-Delta starter wiring diagram PDFstar delta panel-wiring diagramDownloadStar delta starter circuitDownloadTags Motor, Switchgear, TOOLSLeave a Comment Cancel replyCommentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","a4ae0c9f016a186340a84a7f0ade7a4b");document.getElementById("e3ea4ddf74").setAttribute("id","comment");

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