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Gta Sa Reflection Mod ((FREE))

2. Material setup example DragonFFUse "Environment Map" and "Reflection Material"Environment Map (texture) - indicate the name of the reflection texture in your txd. Coefficient - transparency of reflectionsReflection Material - scale and offset indicate 1. Indicate intensity according to your preference.

gta sa reflection mod

I'm not trying to hijack your topic, but maybe you can improve your reflection map, if you see a different one Right now, it looks pretty good, but maybe you should concider toning it down a bit. I remember making reflection maps for GTA3, the ones that were simpler usually looked better.

This reflection probably works better without dirt on cars. Even so I like the original better for the reason that its cleaner and it doesn't show a big cloud on the cars paint. Their is just too much detail in the texture for my tastes I guess.

I think yours is a bit too subtle. Just take a look outside, really everything is reflected in the paint of the cars in detail. I was just trying to repruduce something simmilar. I think now we have the possibility given to make something which almost looks like the real one because R* changed the way the reflection-map is used. So I think we can go a bit more in detail than we did in 3 or vc ... well, maybe I did it a bit too extreme ... ok ... if i make a new one, i'll let you know.

I have a problem with a couple of car mods where the cars I have added turn up completly silver chrome. The whole car appearing chrome. I think the reflections settings for the car models are set too high, but do not know how to adjust these. I have searched the net and forums but cannot find an answer.

So far I have found that it maybe possible to edit the reflection strength in either the .txd or .dff file, but still trying to work out how. The cars just need a slight adjustment so the paintwork can be seen.

Actually I have ported my windows version to Mac OSX via a Cider wrapper. All works very well, except certain cars I import turn out with chrome levels way too high. I am running a MacBook Pro, 17", 2.33 Ghz, 3GB RAM, with a graphics card ATY RadeonX1600I 1680 X 1050 resolution with 256MB VRAM. I have managed to get around most of the chrome problems by deleting chrome, specula and reflection targs in the .txd file, but a few of the really nice cars have the chrome and reflection information configured in the .dff files. 350c69d7ab

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