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Where To Buy Discount Magazines

Keep up-to-date on the topics you love the most with a discount magazine subscription. Whether you enjoy looking at renovation and remodeling articles, discovering the latest celebrity gossip, or just working on word puzzles that exercise your brain, you can count on DiscountMags to offer you the absolute best magazine subscription discounts on your favorite best selling print or digital magazines and journals.

where to buy discount magazines


Getting a new magazine in the mail is exciting and nostalgic, even a notification for a new issue of your digital magazine subscription provides a sense of excitement. Even with the surge in online media and digital magazines, many people still prefer reading printed material that they can hold and feel. People still enjoy print magazine subscriptions for a few reasons including the physical aspect of holding a magazine, being able to 'disconnect' from electronics, and the wide variety of niche curated topics!

This REALLY makes me mad. Why? For starters, the publisher is saving money by the fact that you are subscribing through them versus elsewhere (remember my earlier point about agencies taking almost all of the cut?). In subscribing directly through them, you are raising their subscription margins. How do they thank you for that? Through higher subscriptions!

I just took a survey through and earned $30 rewards which I redeemed for a 1 yr subscription to Money Mag. There are several other magazines listed. In fact, I took another survey to earn an additional $30 so that I now have $45 dollars but they only offer magazines as prizes and none other that I wanted.

MagazineLine is excited to offer you your favorite magazine subscriptions at discounted prices! Save up to 90% plus FREE Shipping on more than 1,050 Discount Magazine Subscription Deals! Start reading your first issue immediately with our digital magazine subscriptions or have print editions shipped to your home or business every month! Get your subscription at a fraction of the newsstand costs on the most popular magazines. Easily renew your subscriptions to make sure you never miss an issue! MagazineLine does not auto-renew.

In 1974 our Founder and CEO Irv Lesher wanted to give college students a break. He believed that giving them a discount on subscriptions for magazines would benefit both the students and the magazine publishers. He was right! And so our parent company, American Collegiate Marketing, was born.

Today, we sell discounted magazine subscriptions online to students, teachers, and just about everyone in the USA and our commitment to superior service is stronger than ever. Our call center is still located in our company headquarters right down the hall from the President/CEO. We work directly with publishers to ensure fast and accurate delivery. We're proud to say we've helped over 5 million Americans save a billion dollars on discount magazine subscriptions!

Students and educators will receive an additional discounted rate when they order magazine subscriptions with us. This discount only applies to specific publications that allow such discounts to be applied. Magazine titles will have links to the educational discounts on their product page.

The next tip is to look for websites where they offer a variety of payment methods instead of just credit cards. As many consumers are growing more concerned about giving away their information online, there are discount subscription offers which offer different payment methods to satisfy all kinds of customers.

Another valuable tip: look for those websites which offer unique discounts every day. These special daily offers are a lot of fun to check out and some of them even come with gifts. Magazine subscriptions do not take long to ship and the shipping is also free.

Ferguson filed a lawsuit in December against Baghai and his store for illegally selling high-capacity magazines despite the ban on such products in our state. The defendants face a maximum penalty of $7,500 every time the store offered a high-capacity magazine for sale and $7,500 every time it illegally sold a high-capacity magazine.

As of July 2022, it is illegal under Washington state law to manufacture, distribute, sell or offer for sale magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Any violation of the high-capacity magazine ban also constitutes a violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

The law prohibits the sale, attempted sale, manufacture and distribution of high-capacity magazines. It does not prohibit the possession of high-capacity magazines, instead focusing prospectively on the supply side.

Ferguson started pursuing this legislative reform in 2016. On July 30, 2016, a 19-year-old used an assault weapon and a high-capacity magazine to kill three students and seriously wound a fourth. In September 2016, Ferguson stood beside parents of shooting victims, legislators, mayors, police chiefs, and representatives of the faith community and vowed to continue proposing legislation to ban the sale of high-capacity magazines every year until it passed.

Magsstore (Magazine Subscriptions Store Online), holds the tag of being an ultimate online magazine store and presents an exceptional collection of more than two thousand magazines. The range Magsstore covers includes magazines on lifestyle & culture, home and garden, outdoor,automotive, business & finance, entertainment & music, collectibles,celebrity, health & fitness, food & beverages, fashion & beauty, guns & weapons, hunting & fishing, weddings & bridal name a few.

The initiative behind creating our comprehensive store was to provide the latest feed to the readers under a single roof. With our magazine store, readers have the choice to browse through an extended category, preview the same and then place the order. We are dedicated to provide a world class reading experience to our readers. In addition to this, Magsstore has something to offer to publishers under "Advertise With Us" category. Under this category, a dedicated team creates an engaging ad campaign for promoting your product or the business, building the brand image and increasing the sales growth.Magsstore has a reader friendly discount magazine subscription that offers reading samples at discounted price. Moreover, readers can renew their subscriptions and also gift samples to their near and dear ones. Additionally, picking your preference is a cakewalk as we have already assorted the magazines in different categories. Just click on your preferred category and get to choose from a bouquet of options assorted right there just for you! Magsstore has a section dedicated to the interests of men and women alike. They can shop by category or can browse through with any specific keyword. Our store is your virtual newsstand that has something unique to offer to everyone. Magsstore bring the joy of getting monthly and yearly subscriptions that is of course the icing on the cake for the readers. Visit our store and book your subscription that is worth having.

If you paid via credit or debit card for a recurring subscription and want to cancel your subscription, the cancellation will take effect after the last day of the current subscription period for the number of issues chosen, unless it's within the first 14 days of the order being placed (The Cooling Off Period) where you will receive a full refund of monies paid. If you wish to cancel before the automatic renewal is taken, please ensure you cancel at least eight weeks before your last issue is due, so the cancellation process can be completed and no payment is taken.

Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

According to a survey by Mequoda, two-thirds of Americans still read magazines. In fact, of the adults surveyed, 70% had read at least one print magazine in the last 30 days. About half had read two or more print magazines in the last month.[1]

You can buy discount magazines on ValueMags, and you can also earn reward points to get totally free magazines. The MagPoints loyalty program awards points for visiting ValueMags, taking paid surveys, and participating in partner offers. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for magazines.

In addition to reward subscriptions, ValueMags offers free online or print subscriptions to a handful of magazines including People, Outdoor Life, and more. All you have to do is create a ValueMags account

CapitalOne Shopping rewards users for shopping at your favorite online store. It features deals on magazine sites like and Magazine Store. You can also find offers for bookstores that sell magazines. Get low prices and rewards for subscribing to titles like National Geographic and Food Network.

Flipster is an app that lets you use your library card to read magazines your library subscribes to. To get started, download the app and start reading for free. Flipster is a completely free way to read magazines without going to the library.

Freecycle is a collection of over 5,000 groups from around the world, bringing together people who are giving away items and looking for free items. Each group has its own set of rules and volunteer moderators manage individual groups. Search the Freecycle site to find a group near you. Once you find one, scan the listings for someone giving away magazines.

You could also use old magazines for your own creative pursuit. Cut out recipes to create a book of your favorite recipes. Use pictures to create a vision board or home improvement ideas. Kids also love cutting up magazine pages and using them for art or school projects.

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