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Aquarium Akers
Aquarium Akers

Ravenous Mature Xxx

Ravenous Mature Xxx ===>

3. We find inclinations put into things different from themselves; for by This, Man's eager harshness is (by due ingredients interposing) taught and composed to affable Mildness; the New Temper becomes (in time) Connatural, and a Habit: like as a bitter Apple is matured to a sweet Temperature.

To shew what a vast distance Man had removed himself, that his Restoration4. must be wrought by tract of time, as men creep out of Chronical Diseases, so that the time of Espousal was, as saith the Apostle, My little Children, of whom I travel in birth again, till Christ be formed in you; as till an Embrio mature to a compleatness, or a Seed to be a Tree.

2. 1. The Reapers cut down Wheat not fully ripe, and Tares green, the keeping1. of both some time may prepare them, one for good use, the other to be scatter'd by the Fan; but the solar Spirit in the unripe Wheat, and Martial Spirit in the Tares sleep not, but proceed to conquer the adverse Properties, and mature the Mass or Territory whereof they are Regents. 2. There are two Trees Fell'd,2. the one for Timber for curious Uses, the other a knotty unsound one for Fuel: the lying of them both a while, makes as well the one as the other, more fit for their several contrary uses. 3. If this Life be a Seed-time and Heaven the Harvest,3. there interpasseth some time which is a patient waiting time. 4. If this Life be4. the Transgressing time, the Night of Violence and committing Facts, and the Lake of Fire be the Execution, there useth to pass some Occurrences requiring Deliberation between the Fact and Judgment, as between the Fact and Execution or Recompence for the Fact. 5. If this Life be a time of Sacrifice, and the glorious5. Kingdom the returns of God to those Petitions, which is the time of the restitution of all things: the Sacrificers must allow some time of waiting at, or under the Altar for the returns of those Sacrifices.

A. 1. To some this Question may seem only curious, and to others so occult as if incogniscible, to a third sort, such, as if possible to be resolv'd, were needless; because it fruitlesly anticipates (say they) the thing which in its season shall demonstrate it self. But on serious mature inspection it is found possible, important, and greatly necessary to be known and believed. 781b155fdc

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