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Buy Raw Honey

While we take great care to package products carefully, they are fragile. If you receive broken jars of honey, please send pictures of broken honey jar product in order for us to return or replace them. By accepting these terms and conditions you are acknowledging that shipping may take up to 7 business days from order date.

buy raw honey

Once the honey is ready to be extracted we take the hives to our State of California Certified Food Processing Facility located on our farm. We then centrifuge the honey from the comb and place the comb back into the hive. The honey is bottled, labeled, and then delivered to your table! We do not heat treat or filter our raw varietals of honey.

Raw honey comes straight from the hive to the bottle. The honey is never pasteurized or heated unlike store bought honey that does this for a number of reasons, mainly appearance and to increase the shelf life.

While our honey is not USDA Certified Organic, we practice chemical-free beekeeping meaning we do not use harmful pesticides or insecticides on our beehives. Our approach to beekeeping is a harmonious balance between what honey bees are meant to do naturally and how they can improve pollination on our farm. The raw honey is just an added bonus.

The best place to buy raw honey is from a local beekeeper. Our honey is bottled in 12 oz, 1, 2 and 4 pound jars that are available to purchase on our website using the following link: -farms-raw-honey

Ingredients: 100% pure raw, unfiltered honey.Each recyclable glass jar contains 9 oz of honey.Pure honey crystallizes over time or with exposure to cold temperatures. Enjoy as-is, or immerse in warm water (100F) until it reliquifies.Do not feed honey to babies under one year of age.

Brightland partnered with small, U.S. family-owned apiaries run by women-led teams to hand-pick The Couplet. Our 3rd and 4th generation beekeepers are passionate about maintaining the health of their hives.We sampled nearly 50 types of honey to hand-select the most pure and delicious varieties available, ultimately choosing two raw, unfiltered varieties that are as close as it gets to honey straight from the hive. To make The Couplet, bees in California and Hawaii collect nectar from diverse botanical sources, producing two types of honey with wildly unique flavor, aroma and texture.

Stakich Raw Honey is as pure and raw as it gets, extracted straight from the beehive. With its buttery undertones and a mellow, clean-finishing sweetness, it's sure to not disappoint even the pickiest honey-eater. We make every effort to ensure that all of its naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals are fully preserved. Raw Honey is a remarkably long-lived food and will not spoil.

When honey is removed from the hive, it needs to be strained to remove parts of bee bodies and pieces of wax. If a coarse strainer is used without heating, then the honey will contain the pollen that was present in the original honey from the local area. If this local honey is ingested regularly, it can reduce pollen allergy symptoms in humans.

Food Safety News decided to test honey sold in various outlets to find out whether it was truly honey. They purchased more than 60 jars, jugs and plastic bears of honey in 10 states and the District of Columbia. After having them analyzed, they found that:

For example, the annual global production of manuka honey is 1700 tons per year. Yet over 50,000 tons of manuka honey is sold globally every year. In Britain alone, 5000 tons of manuka honey is sold every year.

Unfiltered honey may crystallize faster than filtered honey because crystals will begin to form on pollen or beeswax or any other small particles within the unfiltered honey solution, which will encourage other crystals to form.

Yes! Some people prefer their honey crystallized. It is much easier to spread on toast. In fact, creamed honey does not contain cream and it is not whipped like butter. It is crystallized. Creamed honey (also called spun honey) is made by controlling the crystallization process so that the crystals that form are of a much smaller size. The small crystals give creamed honey a smooth, velvety texture.

Raw honeycomb is a real treat. It's as close as you will come to reaching into a beehive and harvesting honey yourself. We take fully loaded frames of honey and hand-cut the squares. (Sticky, but fun.) We then place each square in a clear plastic box that shows off the beauty of the honeycomb.

Gallberry is a medium sized evergreen bush that grows throughout pine woodlands in the southeastern United States. In May, these bushes produce small white flowers that contain a lot of nectar. Bees love it. Gallberry honey is medium sweet with a pleasant floral flavor. Our current supply of honeycomb comes from Southern Georgia.

The easiest way to enjoy raw honeycomb is to cut off a small piece and pop it in your mouth. Bite down and feel the honey ooze out. Keep chewing the wax until the flavor is gone. Then spit out the beeswax.

It also makes a great presentation on a charcuterie board. To serve, slice off very thin pieces and place them on a piece of bread, or a slice of cheese or fruit. One of our favorites is to spread some plain goat cheese (chevre) on a slice of baguette and then top off with a thin slice of honeycomb. When the thin slices of honeycomb are served this way on bread, fruit or cheese, you can chew and swallow all of it.

Sheefa is a young and fresh new source of Local raw honey. Based in Anaheim, California our responsibility is to provide pure honey with two promises kept in mind: first is that this honey is guaranteed 100% raw, second is that this honey is produced in local California. Sheefa means 'healing' and with local raw honey, that is what you are guaranteed. Known throughout history honey has always been looked at as a source of healing because of its many benefits. Raw honey is a source of natural healthy sugars with trace amounts of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. It is a versatile product in culinary, beauty, throat-soothing applications, as well as a source of energy for athletic needs. We hope that with every jar of Sheefa (healing) that you be granted Sheefa!

We will replace items if they arrive to you defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and send your item to: Sheefa Honey, Return, 3075 W Delmonte Dr Apt 79 Anaheim, CA 92804

Honey is a liquid sweetener that bees make. After they collect nectar from flowers, they take it back to the hive and regurgitate it. Then, the other bees chew it until it becomes honey. The bees deposit the honey into tiny, waxy storage units called honeycombs. They fan it with their wings to dry it out. This process makes it stickier.

There's nothing we love more than preparing the ideal cup of tea - even better if we can teach you while we steep! Join us at our Saratoga Springs, NY tea bar for a pot of tea or bowl of matcha to stay and discuss tea, honey, and the best downtown hotspots with our Tea Tenders. On the go? Take your hot or iced tea with you, and don't forget... View Our Menu #gallery-module--template--15988587036858__image-with-text .gallery-slider --text: white; a passion for teas and bees

We know you will love your honey. If you are not satisfied with the product, please let us know within 5 business days and we will do our best to make it right. We do not offer returns on any products.

Local to Koinonia Farm- from nearby Weeks Honey Farm, a family owned business in Omega, Georgia. Wildflower Honey is a delightful blend of nectar from various spring and summer flowers, trees, and shrubs. It has a hearty, deep, rich flavor and is used in cooking and baking, as well as for allergy relief.-Local Georgia Raw Honey-Available in 2 oz Baby Honey Bear, 12 oz Honey Bear, 16 oz Jar-Favorite uses: In Fair Trade Tea, in any recipe with honey, on a peanut butter sandwich, a spoonful in the morning for allergy relief

Northern bees gathered nectar from local Basswood blossoms, thistle, and wildflowers to create this wonderfully complex raw honey. Each jar captures the heady perfume and earthy sweetness of these blooms.

The Sonoran Desert is home to over 2000 native species of flora, making it one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America. With only two rainy seasons a year, the flora in this area must dig deep to survive. Our industrious bees work harmoniously with the desert to make our award-winning delectable blends of raw honey and pollen, making it one of the most sought-after by honey connoisseurs around the world. 041b061a72

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