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I Want To Buy A Used Truck

What type of transmission you want your truck to have will most likely have a big influence when determining what the best semi-truck to buy for your business is. Most drivers have a strong opinion on whether they prefer an automated manual or manual transmission.

i want to buy a used truck

That being said, trucks are built in a seemingly infinite array of configurations. From trim levels, to box/cab and axle configurations, to engine options, and add-on packages, new truck drivers have a lot of choices to make.

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma equipped with a 2.7-liter inline-four boasts 25 mpg. They have a blue book value of around $14,000 and can come with a manual transmission. Towing goes up to 3,500 pounds and they only make around 160 horsepower but, for basic trucking and general truck merriment, the Tacoma is a solid choice.

With a full truck bed and a trailer filled with motorcycles (well, probably two at the most), the Tacoma can still easily and comfortably reach freeway speeds without breaking a sweat. Of course, if you do all of that the mileage will go down.

Dodge's RAM division had high hopes for this truck, advertising it as a 30 MPG economical workhorse. With a 240 horsepower 3.0-liter diesel engine that only gets marginally better mileage than the previous RAM, one has to wonder why you should get this truck over the former. Drive both and see which one you like. The engines are different, so it's possible the 3.0-liter engine performs smoother and better. It all depends on your preference. But as another decent MPG truck, it's a solid option.

You can't go too far back in terms of age if you want to find an F-150 that can make this list. Nevertheless, it is possible with the 2015 model that comes with the smaller Ecoboost engine. The impressive thing is it still makes more than 300 horsepower while managing the low cost and decent mpg. F-150s have been known to be the best trucks on the market, so for some consumers, the decision has already been made for them.

The truck can tow up to 5,000 pounds as well. This all makes the Ridgeline possibly the most well-rounded truck for everyday use, as well as towing a boat or trailer into the mountains. MSRP starts at around $29,500, but keep an eye out for these after a couple years.

One of the newer cars that made our list is the 2016 GMC Canyon. There are two options for what kind of engine you want under the hood, but if you want that incredible fuel efficiency you're going to need the 2.5-liter inline-four engine. It only makes about 200 horsepower so it won't be breaking any speed records, but that's better mileage than a newer Honda.

If you are looking to purchase a used truck with over 100k miles on it, an important consideration to make is how well the truck has been taken care of. It can be an older truck with high miles and also be in great shape due to regular maintenance and care by the previous owner. Our take is to not let mileage or age scare you when looking for a used truck. Consider how well the vehicle has been cared for over its lifespan.If you are in need of a used truck, look no further. Peak Kia North has the largest selection of used trucks in Northern Colorado. You can check out our used inventory here, and you can schedule a 24-Hour test drive here!

The decision of whether to buy a used or new truck is mostly a matter of expense. Buying a new rig is obviously significantly more expensive than buying a used one. Besides the higher truck cost, you may be paying for warranty costs and interest costs built into your payment plan. The question you must answer is: Is that higher expense worth it?

If you decide to buy used, you should do your homework and research the truck extensively. This includes researching the model of truck online for potential issues as well as checking out the truck in person. In another article we wrote, we go into detail on some of the checks and tests you can do on used trucks to verify their quality.

If you have any comments or questions about this article, or want to learn more about how our software, Rigbooks, can help you with your owner-operator business, send us a message on our Contact Page.

A little about me: I grew up in a trucking family and from an early age I learned about the day-to-day problems that truck owner/operators have to deal with. I was into computers and programming as a kid so over the years I helped write small computer programs that helped my parents run their company better. Eventually that led to the idea of putting all those tools together in one package. And Rigbooks was born.

Liberty Tire Recycling sells and delivers used tires to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. We carry used passenger, light truck, virgin truck, regroovable truck, agricultural and off-the-road (OTR) tires. Additionally, we sell truck tire casings and OTR casings. We offer rim sizes from 14 inches to 26 inches, and professionally load trailers so they can safely carry the highest possible capacity, saving you time and money.

High-quality used tires are less expensive than new tires and just as dependable. Our skilled grading specialists ensure that only the best tires make their way into the used marketplace, so safety is never sacrificed.

Reusing tires also improves the long-term health of the planet by extending the life of existing tires rather than turning to new ones. This ultimately reduces waste and supports a green circular economy, a key consideration factor for consumers. By putting used tires back on the road, we displaced approximately 275,000 metric tons of CO2-e that would have otherwise been generated in the manufacturing of new tires.

We have the widest variety and largest number of used passenger tires in the world, spanning passenger tires to performance, truck and SUV ones. They are sold by categories from Grade 1, which is the best, to Grade 4, which is the most affordable. Purchase any mix and quantity from us today.

We know used truck tires are a unique segment of the industry, and that is one reason we have one of the best selections of used commercial truck tires. Besides the tires themselves, we also sell truck tire casings and regroovable truck tires. Find out what we have in our inventory today.

Finding used, reasonably priced off-the-road (OTR) tires for heavy vehicles and equipment can be a challenge, but we have you covered. We also sell OTR casings and regroovable OTR tires. Buy OTR used tires from us today and save.

Agricultural businesses cannot afford to lose any downtime if they get a damaged tire. We have a wide variety of used tires for tractors, harvesters, trailers and other types of equipment so their operations are not out of commission for longer than absolutely necessary. Let us find the right fit for you.

To be part of creating a greener tomorrow, we can collect your used tires. Schedule backdoor pickups that help keep your facility safe and clean, or we can drop off a trailer for you to fill at your convenience before we return to pick it up.

This calculator figures monthly truck loan payments. To help you see current market conditions and find a local lender current local truck loan rates are published in a table below the calculator. The second tab provides a calculator which helps you see how much vehicle you can afford based upon a fixed monthly budget and desired loan term.

Use this calculator to estimate the truck price you can afford given a set monthly loan payment. To help you see current market conditions and find a local lender current local truck loan rates are published in a table below the calculator.

Are you in the market for a new or used truck? Well, you're certainly not alone. Trucks have become one of the fastest growing segments of the American auto market, due in no small part to the design innovations that have taken them from lowly utility vehicles to stylish modes of transportation.

Of course, there's a lot to consider when buying. You have to start by thinking about what type is best suited to your specific needs. Are you strictly looking for a utility vehicle, or do you want something that can do double duty as a work truck and a recreational vehicle? Do you need a light pick-up for your weekend DIY projects, or are you in the market for something stylish that can officially replace the family car? Then there's your budget to consider. How much can you truly afford; and should you focus entirely on new models or should you consider the used market? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, how are you going to pay. What financing options are available, and how do you go about finding a loan that won't become a hardship down the road? These are critical questions, and they need to be asked before you ever think about setting foot in a dealer's showroom.

There was a time, not so long ago, when all pick-ups were pretty much the same. There might be some subtle cosmetic variations, but by and large a truck was a truck. Those days are long gone. Today, there are as many different makes and models pick-ups as there are cars, and the choices can get a little overwhelming. The first step to buying a new, or used, truck is to find the model that is right for you and your budget. This begins by thinking about how you will use it.

Next, you need to think about cab size. If you're in the market for a simple work truck, a standard cab should suffice. This should provide enough room for three average sized adults, though it may not be the most comfortable ride. However, if you need to accommodate a larger work crew, or simply want enough room for the whole family, you'll want to go with an extended cab or a four-door crew cab. Keep in mind, however, that a larger cab typically means reduced bed length. Most, if not all, small to medium sized pick-ups only offer a short bed (6 to 6 feet) when combined with an extended cab. Full sized and heavy duty models do offer extended crew cabs with full 8 foot beds, but it makes for a long vehicle that can be hard to handle and unsuitable for recreational use. 041b061a72

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