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Buy Poly Mailer Bags

E-commerce shops predominantly use mailers bags to ship their products since they are lightweight and reusable. This often translates to cheaper shipping costs. This guide will share with you tips on choosing the right mailer bag size and maximizing the mailer space so you and your customers save on shipping costs.

buy poly mailer bags

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These bags come in a wide variety of sizes, which can make finding the correct bag size difficult. Across shopping and shipping platforms, the standard size for poly mailers is usually 10" x 13". However, other sizes such as 6" x 12" and 14.5" x 19" are available for smaller and bigger products.

However, not all products will fit just any mailer bag size. You should accurately measure the item to determine the mailer size. This will make sure the size you'll end up buying is the one closest to what you need.

The formula will provide a rough estimate of the L W of the mailer you need. You can use our size calculator for simple, quick, and accurate readings. The calculator's advantage is gauging how much space you can pack inside a biodegradable mailer. Multiply all the dimensions of your mailer (L W H) to get the volume in square inches.

Alternatively, you can use the dimensional calculators from major shipping labels such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Apart from the mailer size, these calculators correctly determine the billable weight by factoring in the total number of products and their dimensional weight.

When determining the size of a mailer, it's essential to know that the cushioning will significantly reduce the internal dimensions of the mailer. For instance, 4-6 medium shirts will easily fit into a 10" x 13" flat mailer, but only about 3-4 will fit into a padded mailer. Consequently, adjust the size of your mailer bag accordingly based on the type of padding you will use.

If a small, fragile item requires cushioning, we recommend that you use a bubble mailer. While the bubble mailers pack fewer items than flat mailers, they are convenient and eco-friendly way of protecting small and delicate products. They help to reduce packaging waste, which helps in making your shipping method more sustainable and environment-friendly.

Poly mailer bags are an ideal replacement for shipping boxes when packaging small, light items. Use a bubble mailer or paper wrap if the items are fragile and need extra protection. You can also use poly mailers to ship health and beauty products, provided they are in sturdy, rip-proof materials.

The eCommerce, recycled poly mailer bag is a great way to ship products to your customers. Being lightweight and thin, the mailing bag reduces your shipping costs and storage space. Most commonly used with online retail companies shipping goods like clothing, accessories, or cosmetics. A great way to protect your products and packaging whilst being transported to your customers, making your customers unboxing experience more pleasant.

The eco-friendly mailing bag is made from 100% recycled LDPE and is water-resistant to keep your products safe from rain and moisture. The recycled mailer is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The recycled LDPE paper mailing bag is perfect for the eco-conscious brand. Being 60 microns, the mailer is water-resistant making it perfect for any eCommerce brand. We recommend this bag for shipping:

Made of flexible polyurethane, shipping bags are lightweight and budget-friendly, which translates to savings that can go back into your business. And with full-color printing and 3 sizes to choose from, you can promote your business name, motto or social media info on a package option that fits your soft goods, clothing or apparel accessories needs.

Make packing your goods simpler. Slide them inside your range of printed mailbags and seal it with the included adhesive strip. And with the second strip, your customers will easily return the package.

Yes, they are. Our printed mailing bags are made from highly durable LDPE foil. This material is great to serve as an additional layer of protection to prevent your box from rain, water and snow.

Classic Poly Mailers can be used as an additional packing solution, as well as a shipping solution on their own. Soft goods such as clothes, textiles, bedding products and fabrics can be shipped using just printed postal bags, however, we recommend using Poly Mailers as a branded addition to your shipping process.

Our mailing bags are made from polyethylene, a durable, tearproof and waterproof material. Polythene bag printing is a versatile and strong packaging solution, even in the most severe weather conditions. Ship your products in printed mailing bags and stop worrying what mother nature or couriers can do to your package.

Stand out with custom shipping bags! They are a powerful way to feature your brand and build loyalty among e-commerce customers. Custom packaging and poly mailers provide many competitive advantages:

Plus Packaging has offered custom shipping solutions for over 40 years, providing solutions for clothing, food, retail, and a variety of other industries. We mastered the mail order industry long before the days of online shopping, and we keep ahead of the curve on production of innovative delivery bags and mailers that are sturdy, budget-conscious, and environmentally responsible. We are the continued choice for businesses who need reliable e-commerce solutions such as custom poly mailers or paper mailers.

Custom poly mailers offer a unique way to ship your products, providing businesses and consumers the advantages of recyclability, resilience, and customization. For mail order businesses, these custom printed mailers serve as a cost-effective alternative to boxes, which cost more to ship. At the same time, poly mailers allow for robust delivery of your product, providing peace of mind that the items in these durable bags that can withstand shipping and handling.

One of the many color choices offered is the purple poly mailer. These mailers come in 4 different sizes, allowing you to choose them for all of your shipping needs. In addition to solid purple mailers, there are also many purple patterns available, like zebra stripes, tribal arrows, and birds. These can help create a fun alternative to a solid colored shipment.

Pro Tip 1: You can save money and time by skipping the address labels. Many mailers offer writable surfaces that allow addresses to be written directly onto the outside of the mailer with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker.

This can serve as a useful bonus for a time crunched shipper. This is also helpful when you do not have access to digital tools and do not want to tape gaudy paper addresses all over the mailer. There are a variety of patterned poly mailers to search through that are sure to meet your needs.

Using mailers is often a more cost effective way to ship items. They are lightweight which often requires less postage to ship. In addition, you can find many discounted prices when you purchase colored bubble mailers wholesale.

Pro Tip 2: Having shipping materials on hand is beneficial, because sales can happen at any time. Save space by purchasing colored poly mailers, which can be used to ship different items and can be stored tucked away in a desk drawer until needed. These mailers also offer a fun alternative to the normal plain white mailers that many stores use to ship their items. Colored mailers can add an artistic flair to any package without any extra work needing to be done by you.

You can find many unique patterns that you often cannot find other places. If you are looking for floral options, like cherry blossoms or daisies; kid friendly patterns, such as robots and dinosaurs; wellness patterns, like lotus flowers and yoga poses, or even tropical flamingos and pineapples, you are sure to find a custom mailer that is perfect for you. These mailers make it fun to ship any item!

Our poly mailers boast an extra tough 3.15mil thickness, 57.5% thicker than the standard 2mil mailers sold by other brands. The quality is instantly apparent and they are extremely durable. The thick plastic is puncture resistant, prevents weather damage and protects the confidentiality of the contents.

Great packaging elevates your business. With an extensive catalog containing a vast number of sizes, patterns and vibrant colors, our mailers allow you to personalize the experience for your customers, creating a remarkable and memorable moment upon arrival.

If I created a shortlist of the most effective decision I made in streamlining and business and increasing my bottom line, switching to shipping almost everything in poly mailers would be in the top 3 (along with using a thermal label printer and using cross-posting software).

If you are on the brink of utilizing poly mailers for your business (especially if you ship clothing) then this should provide you with all of the information you need to make an intelligent decision.

The main (and most obvious) drawback is that poly mailers do not provide a great deal of protection. For the majority of clothing items, this is fine. However, boxes can end up crushed or small items damaged if you do not protect them adequately during shipping.

We follow the same method for buying poly mailers that we do with every other business item. We find a company/product that we like and buy exclusively from them. When we run out, we reorder the same thing again. It saves time and, after all, time is money.

Nearly every large company that uses poly mailers to send clothing is using resealable poly mailers. These poly bags typically have a perforated opening strip between two different adhesive strips. When the item is shipped, the upper strip is used. If a customer decides to return the item after opening it they can use the lower strip to reseal the package.

However, it makes the most sense at a company with a double-digit rate of returns. Our return rate for our eBay store is typically 2-4% which, in our minds, does not justify the extra cost of resealable mailers. 041b061a72

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