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Google rates is very approximate for all these companies. You’ll need to calculate for your own levels of trust. Google in particular has wholly disclosed which companies they rate but you should check all of them with a clear understanding of their security and privacy commitments.

The report also notes that Alphabet’s commitment to pledge to encrypt could potentially be significant – that this pledge is a signal that Alphabet values privacy more than it does patents and similar.

Something has come up since the last report we published. A lot of underlying assumptions have changed. I’ve added a reserve for this report to show some of those assumptions in more detail. Let’s look at what NSA’s document says about the use of consumer cloud storage and the impact on VPNs and other secure protocols. The NSA is clearly concerned about encryption that it sees as letting “almost all lawful and productive traffic through,” and linking it to the internet of things, which is becoming increasingly important.

This is something we’ve already covered in our report on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). We’ve shown that these are not necessarily impervious, and that the NSA strategy document itself is different from VPN operators’ descriptions of a threat model. However , it’s interesting to see this shown in a broader NSA document.

Encryption impacts the internet of things more generally, for example the IoT has been mentioned in recent news stories about Einstein, the US law enforcement agency investigating Airbnb, and a report that last year the US Department of Homeland Security investigated 1.9 million IoT devices. d2c66b5586

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