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Euphoria [English][Visual Novel] Game Download |LINK|

keisuke wanted to test the girls resolve, he challenged her to beat him at his own game, the game of "you or me" if you didn't beat him, keisuke would have to change the rules for the both of you. that's it, he was demanding from yui to beat him, only this time, rinne would be forced to choose either keisuke or herself. if she chose herself, keisuke would have to change the rules..

Euphoria [English][Visual Novel] Game Download


keisuke said that it was really simple, as long as she beat him, the rules would be changed for them both. keisuke didn't want to force her to choose and almost hoped she did not pick him, it was a trap after all, he feared she would pick herself.

the english language options all work well and are consistent. the menu translations are done very nicely in the sense they accurately capture what was said. i do find the translations sometimes to be quite long, and i did not think much of a difference between some of the more longer options and shorter ones in the past, but it does become tedious after a few playthroughs. however, the dialogue options are often absent and the translations will not appear when using text bubbles or sex scenes so that definitely is a major issue. of course, at no point are you forced to use any of the text options though, so it is not like that is going to change anything. the choices available are very limited however, which i consider to be a very negative. the game gives a lot of visual representation of how things will go down if you choose one of the sex scenes, but they certainly get repetitive and not very engaging once you read all of them.

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