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Amityville Horror (but With mice)

25 Scariest Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix and Amazon for Halloween (Photos)If you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, you'll have no shortage of horror movies within reach at any given moment -- and TheWrap picked the scariest ones sure to induce nightmares.

Amityville Horror (but with mice)

This is a Freddy Krueger tale unlike any other. After a decade working on the legendary slasher franchise, Wes Craven turns the camera on himself and the people who made these films with him. "New Nightmare" is an exploration of how horror movies affect their creators, as well as a deconstruction of Freddy Krueger's shift from Craven's original vision as the ultimate nightmare to a goofy comic relief figure whose kills the audience had come to root for.

One of the best, and most neglected, horror story tropes is that of monsters from actual Hell who are looking to take you home with them to royally f--- you up for all eternity. It's a whole lot scarier than just the threat of being murdered.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a horror film as thoughtful and intelligent as this one. "The Babadook" is a parable about how grief and loss can consume those who suffer through it, and despite all the coaxing and cajoling you'll get from friends, you'll never be able to "just let go." "The Babadook" shows the process of coming to terms with loss and preparing to spend the rest of your life living with that pain, even when it's scarred over. This is proof that horror can move you as well as scare you.

Home invasion slasher flick "Hush" gives a little twist to a tried-and-true formula: Its protagonist, Maddie, is deaf. That adds a lot to the tension of a scary masked guy trying to break into her house, as Maddie has to fight to survive his attacks with a different set of senses than your usual slasher victim. "Hush" captures a lot of suspense this way and is pretty good about creating situations that give a fresh spin to a fairly full horror subgenre.

I wanted to go to the amityville horror house with my mother and brother. When i got to the road that it was on, I felt a strange feeling I couldn't explain. We couldn't find it thinking it could have been bulldozed. We went back exactly a year later. This time we found it I took a picture and I had a strange feeling after taking it, so I deleted it. After that I had nothing strange over taking me, I felt free.

A lesser-used monster, but still just as terrifying, are witches. Witches are now more often associated with the fantasy genre due to popular culture giants such as the Harry Potter series. However, witches still have their place in horror, often contributing to or causing hauntings or possessions of humans and at other times just wreaking havoc with their magic. Here is a look at the ten strongest witches in the horror genre, ranked.

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes is a developmental editor working with middle grade and YA authors. She specialises in speculative and genre fiction, particularly horror, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi and anything with a dash of magic or macabre. She is a member of the SfEP, EFA, ACES, British Fantasy Society, Horror Writers Association and SCBWI. She has an MA in Novel Writing and an MA in Children's Literature.

Indian burial grounds have long been associated with stories of random people stumbling across them, ultimately causing hauntings and paranormal activity. This trope has been widely used in horror movies with stories about native spirits that haunt and curse those who have disturbed them. This theme has been overused and is factually incorrect, but it has not stopped Hollywood from returning to this theme time after time. At other times, the burial ground is not haunted, but still plays a vital role in the story. Here are ten fictional films that involve Indian burial grounds.

Watch this video on YouTubeMany of the movies on this list fall under the genres of horror, sci-fi, or fantasy, but Little Big Man is filled with drama, adventure, and comedy. The 1970 film is about the story of Jack Crabb, who is currently old in the film but tells the story of how he was raised by Native Americans. The Native Americans are depicted sympathetic in the film, while the United States Cavalry are viewed as villains.

Watch this video on YouTubeSpanish screenwriter Luis Berdejo got his feature directorial debut with the horror movie The New Daughter. The movie was based on the John Connolly short story by the same name. The film is about a recently divorced novelist who moves into an old home in South Carolina with his two children. On the first night after moving into the new home, the daughter begins to hear strange noises outside of her bedroom window.[10]

Lone Survivor even further solidifies this point, surprisingly on a console that can handle polished and textured environments. The psychological horror adventure has players escaping a diseased city infested with ravenous, mindless inhabitants that stand in the way of your path to freedom.

The Evil Within was one of the scariest games of 2014, so it only makes sense that Tango Gameworks would follow up with one of the scariest games of 2017. With the promise of being reunited with his allegedly deceased daughter, Sebastian Castellanos plugs back into STEM for a trippy journey down horror lane.

When virtual reality reemerged in the 21st century, horror fans must have known they would be treated to the occasional gem. Surprisingly, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is one such game, revitalizing a tired film franchise with a slow-burn experience that utilizes virtual reality to immerse players in an atmospheric haunted attraction.

It may be light on jump scares (note we say light, not devoid of), but a horror game is so much more than one-off shocking moments. Sure, the adrenaline that comes with anticipating your next scream is fun, but so is the rush of knowing the enemy up ahead will totally decimate you.

Another critter feature: my wife saw a mouse and proceeded to further the stereotype by jumping onto the nearest table, dancing the Merengue while screaming in tongues. She insisted that I find a) where the mice had entered our home b) how many mice there were and c) establish communication with the mice so that we could come to agreeable terms of co-existence. Unfortunately, when I used the Scout TK to peer behind a basement wall, I saw that many mice had formed their own mini-civilization, complete with voting booths and a social media platform. The house is currently up for sale.

I can understand Transformers. And I can understand G.I. Joe. But Hasbro might just be getting out of control with this latest news. Apparently Michael Bay's production company, Platinum Dunes, is set to make a movie based on the spooky Ouija board game. WTF? Although I suppose some see this as a positive, the film will not take on a "Jumanji-like approach." Obviously, that makes sense considering Platinum Dunes' track record in horror remakes (e.g. Amityville Horror, The Hitcher, Friday the 13th); but I have to admit, Jumanji wasn't half-bad, so taking it in that direction might be more encouraging. Has Habro gone too far this time with a Ouija board movie?!

As so many remakes focus on upping the scale and focus more on easy scares and slick special effects, it should be surprising that Let Me In is as interested intimate scenes and implied horror instead. It shows a distinct understanding from Reeves about what made Let the Right One In as great as it was and he is able to replicate the effect here with chilling results.

It can be read as a simple pulp movie, a cheap B-Movie with an unusual flair of stylisation, but it can also be viewed as a political parable. But none of these readings interfere with the feel of the film and it not only stands on its own as an impressive modernist horror movie but also a homage to classic genre movies spanning as far back as the 1950s.

And this is a well-loved novel among people who enjoy horror books about cannibals. Martin, author of Lost Souls, brings together a serial killer and a playboy with forbidden tastes. This is one die-namic duo that no one wants to come to their rescue. Together they hunt who they consider the perfect victims around the globe, carrying out their hellish plans. And we are all the greener at the gills because of it.

There are two serial killers featured in Silence of the Lambs, but only one of them has the honor of keeping one of the creepiest basements in horror movie history. Buffalo Bill, a.k.a. Jame Gumb, kidnaps women, starves them, and then skins them with the ultimate goal of making himself a woman suit out of real women. As if that's not gross enough, all of this takes place in Gumb's cavernous basement, which features a number of disturbing aspects.

Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out has been hailed as a masterpiece of social justice horror, with a sly commentary on race relations in America that also features one of the most disturbing basements ever put to screen. Chris thinks he's simply going for a weekend away to meet his long-term girlfriend Rose's family. Since they are white and Chris is the first African-American man Rose claims to have dated, he thinks his biggest problem will be navigating the casual racism that people of color are often forced to deal with.

Things aboveground get creepy when Rose's mother hypnotizes Chris without his consent to help him quit smoking. But it isn't until we go down into the basement that the true horror is revealed: The family has been kidnapping young black folks, lobotomizing them, and inserting the brains of older white people into them so they can live longer. The basement is a fully operating medical theater where this horrifying procedure takes place. Watch it, and you'll never look at a teacup the same way again.

Unlike most horror movies that feature one creepy basement, The Cabin in the Woods features an entire smorgasbord of them as it makes pointed commentary about horror movie tropes. The film begins in an open homage to The Evil Dead, but instead of finding just one Necronomicon in the cluttered basement, there is an entire host of strange objects that Dana and her friends play with before she reads from Patience Buckner's diary, invoking the zombies who attack the group. 350c69d7ab

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