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Embracing innovation and wonder, Hublot BIG BANG ORIGINAL opens a new chapter within luxury sports luxury replica watches


Since its launch in 2004, Hublot's Big Bang Original series has pioneered the application of precious metal materials combined with rubberized straps, leading the design development of high-end sports designer watches. It can be perfectly integrated no matter if paired with formal or laid-back wear, redefining luxury. Some sort of sports watch, making it a total must-have for fashionistas along with innovative watch collectors. The Big Bang Original series, and that is about to enter its the twentieth anniversary in 2025, is usually driven by the business lord of the watch industry: Jean-Claude Biver. Like the dramatic progress a Hollywood movie, this kind of ground-breaking watch has amazed the Swiss watch business. explosive impact.

Create a new trend involving luxury sports watches in addition to integrate art

The legendary account of Hublot began from the 1980s, when Italian businessman Carlo Crocco founded the rand name. It's old money time period, full of fashion, Caribbean sun light and luxury cars. Seen Hublot watches exudes various charms. The screw-type frame is shaped like a porthole. It is the first time that a extravagance replica watches price is associated with a rubber strap. Very low unique French luxury fashion rather than the traditional Swiss layout laws, and it shows their calmness and calmness. Distinct brand characteristics.

Winning awards and achieving brilliance

In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver took over Hublot, continued the design of different elements, and set " the art of fusion" as the core concept of the brand name. In 2005, he presented the Big Bang Original collection, which was the first watch which has a shining gold case back then. The chronograph with a slick black ceramic bezel plus the unprecedented use of a natural plastic strap redefined the elements of any luxury watch, thus triggering an unprecedented " explosion" effect in the Swiss the making of watch industry. In the same season, it was awarded the " Geneva" " Grand Tarifs grand public de la Haute Horlogerie" as well as won more important awards:

2005 rapid Big Bang white ceramic high quality replica watches won typically the " Best Design Award"

2007 instructions Big Bang One Million $ watch, won the " Best Jewelry Watch Award"

2009 - Big Bang One Million Black Caviar Bang watch won often the " Best Jewelry Watch Award"

2014 -- Big Bang Cathedral Small Repeater Tourbillon Watch received the " Best Time Sharing with Award"

2015 - Big Bang Broderie silver embroidered watch gained the " Best Women's Watch"

After that, the Big Bang Original sequence has continued to explore the running of materials between vitamins and plants, extending the actual materials to the contrasting combined carbon fiber and gold, ceramics and stainless steel, denim watch dials and diamonds. In order to know the diversified recombination of various materials, Hublot broke throughout the limitations of traditional horological industry and created a sandwich replica watches for sale body structure with approximately 70 parts. It imagined the construction of an ultra-futuristic micromechanical universe and quickly founded its unique position in Switzerland's top watchmaking industry.

Innovative characteristics lead fashion Big Bang Original Chronograph Platinum and Black Ceramic Mode, diameter 44mm, satin-polished fine ceramic bezel, 18K gold case/time indication, date window, wathe function/HUB 4100 self-winding motion, 42-hour power reserve/sapphire very Mirror, transparent bottom cover/waterproof 100 meters

Big Bang Original Chronograph Sky Blue and African american Ceramic Model with a height of 44mm, satin-polished porcelain bezel, black ceramic case/time indication, date window, timepiece function/HUB 4100 self-winding movements, 42-hour power reserve/sapphire Crysta mirror, transparent bottom cover/waterproof 100 meters

The Big Bang Original line brings an unprecedented donning experience to best replica watches lovers with its unique look design and materials, exhibiting extremely high comfort and longevity. The unabashedly high-profile physical appearance is not only full of visual impression, but the marketing strategy is also modern and cooperates with famous people and sports stars, which often quickly makes the brand photo deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of the people and becomes seemed to be of fashion tasters. It allures many top celebrities, for instance Jay-Z, Favored by Beyoncé yet others, it pushed the brand to your new level, and its bad marketing strategy shocked the watch market that only focused on technical campaign at the time. As a result, he was hired to the LVMH watch class. Today, nearly 20 years soon after its launch, the exterior style of the Big Bang Original set still leads fashion, and has now always occupied a place inside brand development and the market place.

" Good profound watchmaking tradition, produce more advanced craftsmanship, more beginning innovation, more bold makes an attempt, and more integration! " It is Jean-Claude Biver's advice for you to Hublot in watch study and development. of reassurance.

Hublot hasn't stopped surpassing itself!

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