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Humger Font

Introduce to you a new Display font. Humger Font designed and shared by graphicpear. Humger is a free grunge vintage uppercase narrow textured typeface for your personal and commercial projects.

Humger Font

Humger Free FontIntroduce to you a new Display font. Humger Font designed and shared by graphicpear. Humger is a free grunge vintage uppercase narrow textured typeface for your personal and commercial projects.

Graffiti fonts can add a lot of character to a design. These typefaces are perfect for the emerging hipster in you, or for your rebellious side. There are plenty of different styles of graffiti fonts that you can choose from. For example, you can find fonts that are meant to look like old-style graffiti. You can also find fonts with a lot of detail and intricacy. Many times, these typefaces can say something about the person who is creating the piece.

Don Graffiti is an authentic graffiti style font perfect for those authentic projects. The font itself provides a clean touch to make it easily readable by different audiences and is distributed as an .OTF file.

Broken Wings is a new hand-drawn style typeface from the masters at Bdstrom Std. Broken Wing includes a nice variety of typography including both upper and lower-case letters as well as numbers and special characters. This font can be used to create a nice vintage vibe for any project from stationery to packaging. Get the font today from Pixel Surplus for free!

Artistic and popular, Humger is a grungy capital letter font with a smudge effect. Its authentic vintage character will help you create posters for your music band or design a logotype for your streetwear brand. Humger font also looks good when used in texts with big blocks of text.

Do you want an original font with a vintage touch? Then Fibre Vintage font is the one for you! This handwritten font is great for adding a personal touch to your projects. It will work great as logo, labels, cards, invitations, and more. It has a stylish look that makes it stand out from other fonts.

Sedgwick Ave is a fresh take on hand-lettered graffiti fonts with two different designs to suit your needs. Use the sharp lines of Sedgwick Ave Display for headlines, subheads, branding, quotes, and more. Opt for the more legible Sedgwick Ave for text size projects like posters, ads, logos, and more.

Fusterd Brush There are font lovers who prefer to keep themselves busy by designing fonts. The Handwritten Fonts are proved to be one of the most popular type of fonts because of being easy to use. So, the Fusterd Brush is hand written free brush which can be used to create various designs for business marketing, you can use it to create prints, logos, t-shirt designs, websites, banners, magazines etc.

Vindica is a brush font that was crafted with absolute love to typography and can match all your needs. It has a beautiful and natural feeling to it, which will make your work come to life. Filled with endless creativity and inspiration, this brush font will make you explore possibilities in designing your own work.

Blackbook is the perfect font for all your fun designs. This font was designed by Michael Muranaka. Blackbook is perfect for any design that needs an irresistible look. Designs that are rough around the edges, rough around the basics, rough drafts, rough faces, roughing it, sketching, sketchnotes, cartoons, comics, watercolors

Flacucho is a beautiful hand painted typeface inspired by the beautiful lettering found in Chile. Complete with a variety of ligatures, this font is perfect for any typography project that needs an interesting twist.

The Urban Decay font is a hand-drawn typeface inspired by street calligraphy, graffiti, and hand-made brush stroke lettering. Urban Decay is a fun and expressive font for any project that needs some character!

Express your second-wave punk attitude with this rad hand drawn font. Endless Bummer Font is free for personal and commercial use with attribution. This typeface is perfect for hand drawn typography, apparel designs, digital signatures, and more!

Akrobat is a free font designed by Plamen Motev. It is a modern sans serif with condensed proportions and comes in eight weights. The font features geometric aesthetics, neo-grotesque references and its narrow proportions make it perfect for headlines, logos and short paragraphs of text.

Humger is a free font characterized by capital letters in a grunge style. It comes only in uppercase letters. This typeface is inspired by an old-school style with dirty effects in the body and its shapes express a strong character of urban style which features smudge effect, narrow texture, and an authentic vintage character. Therefore, Humger can be used by artists who want to create great emphasis in the viewers. Try this font for titles, headlines and infographics.

Town is a font inspired by the art deco movement and contemporary lettering. This family of fonts has a classic feel but features contemporary proportions, styling and details. In the package, there are eight weights and nine decorative styles. The variety of styles helps you to create bespoke brand logos, stylish labels, engaging websites and fresh magazine layouts.

Klasik is a free family of simple and functional sans serif fonts. If you download Klasik, you will get three different versions of the fonts: regular, rough and shadow. With these styles, you can easily develop designs and layouts that will perfectly fit into different projects. The font only comes with uppercase letters that are characterized by rough lines and a solid body.

Proxima Soft includes 48 styles created by eight weights in three widths and italics. This font is perfect when you want something that is a bit warmer and more sinuous and playful than a traditional sans serif font. Considered the curvilinear style, this font is mostly suitable for informal projects, in particular for large headlines and eye-impacting words.

Andis is font developed by Joao Symington. It is a sans serif typeface that comes in six different weights, from thin to black, each with an italic version. It is available both in uppercase and lowercase letters; there are numbers and also a useful set of symbols.

Andis features a rough cut that makes it an interesting display font, but it works equally well in text sizes because it is highly readable. It is both functional and expressive and ideal for advertising and editorial work as well as for mobile interfaces and websites.

The font is provided in nine weights, each with italics, and in two different versions, text and display, in order to be used on a broad spectrum of solutions. Kappa is particularly suitable for graphic design and mobile applications.

Download a free chalkboard font today for your cafe sign, packaging, or other design project. In this article, we'll also take look at some inspiration for chalkboard font ideas, other chalkboard lettering font downloads, and more. We'll also take a look at some premium chalkboard font options from Envato Elements.

Get premium quality at a bargain price with Envato Elements. You get access to an entire library of premium fonts for one low price. That's thousands of fonts you can download, right now, all for one flat fee. You'll also find a myriad premium digital assets like premium fonts, graphic templates, stock photos, and more.

Isn't this font family the perfect chalk lettering font? There's so much potential to stack, arrange, and put together a fun, chalk-inspired look with this one. Or mix it up and go with an ink aesthetic.

Here's another font that takes a lot of inspiration from inks, but could easily be adapted to work with a chalkboard look and feel. It already has texture to it, but consider pushing it forward with a chalkboard texture, too.

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Love fonts, having lots of them, that is? Forbid you sit having only a few, you know like when you first get a new computer. Remember way back when you thought that was all you got? Well, fortunately, times have changed and you can have just about as many free fonts as you want, from hand-lettered styles and calligraphy to bold poster fonts to scripty, funky type with lots of character. We put together a list of all of our favorite free fonts, just waiting for you to download and make something cool with. Essential to any DIY hand lettered project, you need always keep a variety of fonts on hand to give things personality and a certain style. No matter what you want to make with letters, you are sure to find the perfect typeface here for your arts and crafts. Try one, try them all, we did!

I just made a big quote for my kitchen using this, and I simply love the font. Super readable while having tons of creative flair, this typeface is now one of my favorites. Befolk is beautiful, and FREE, too!

The aged and distressed look is so much fun to work with, but not all fonts which claim to be this look are all that great. Well designed and stylish, readable, too, Black Willow is also pretty and unique. Kerned well as is, you are going to be happy you found this fabulous typeface, just like me. If you are looking for a free download for a vintage font you are sure to use a lot, this just may be it.

This font reminds me of record covers, posters and has me wanting to make creative art projects just looking at it. An outline font, you are sure to love having this one. Stylish and funky, you can add a creative twist to anything you are working on with the free Blue Grass font. 350c69d7ab

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