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Actual Spy 3 Keylogger Registration Code: How to Get It for Free and Use It Effectively

Needless to say, you can also turn the keylogger into a covert recording tool. Set up an email address that is not linked to your real email, and the keylogger will archive every email sent and received. The email archive can be downloaded in a single file as an attachment and be sent to you on request. You can also send the file to a free FTP server, or even email it to yourself using an alternative email address that you know is not linked to your real email. Hidden within this archive is a folder with over 9,000 searchable and sortable keystrokes that were used to access the email accounts you used. This includes all of your email and password details, along with the contents of any messages that were received. This archive also includes the complete history of all of your webbrowsing and online activities, and can be uploaded on a regular basis to the same FTP server or your Secure FTP server .

Actual Spy 3 Keylogger Crack With registration Code Download

Another feature is the ability to monitor which keys on the keyboard are used to dial a certain phone or dial a number on the handset. This will allow you to see which phone numbers are dialed on your PC, even if you are not near your desk when the number is called. It is also useful for tracking the calls made on company mobiles. Another notable feature is that the keylogger can also be integrated with applications like Internet Explorer to record keystrokes from that application. This gives you the ability to record and monitor Internet sessions, and can be useful if you do a lot of online banking.

Another powerful tool that comes with the keylogger is the ability to track documents. You can track the documents that are being edited at any given time, and even track the changes that are made within any document.

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