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Buy Ionized Water

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Buy Ionized Water

Water distillation, on the other hand, can remove more impurities than just ions. This process removes nearly all minerals, many chemicals, and most bacteria. That doesn't mean that it removes everything, however, especially if the water contains volatile organics and certain other contaminants. These impurities will evaporate and stay in the distilled water. As with deionized water, pre-treatment filtering is an important step.

Serv-A-Pure provides pre-packaged deionized water for sale in a variety of sizes and packaging options. If you're looking for deionized water in bulk volumes, you can choose from many different sizes, including our popular 220-gallon totes and our 55-gallon drums. In addition to packaged deionized water, we also offer deionization tanks and deionized water filtration systems. Serv-A-Pure has been a leading provider of bulk deionized water formulas for over 60 years. Order bulk deionized water online and see the difference that quality can make.

Each deionized water system for laboratory use comes directly from Serv-A-Pure. Our deionized water formula is an industry standard, and companies rely on us for our knowledge and expertise. Learn more about our bulk deionized water for sale with some of the more frequently asked questions we receive.

While some people believe that deionized water is interchangeable with distilled water, the truth is that they are produced in very different ways. Distilled water is purified by boiling until its impurities are vaporized. The resulting distilled water is highly pure. Deionized water is a form of pure water produced by removing atoms, ions and molecules from regular tap water. Deionized by passing through an anion exchanger which removes all of the ions, the product is highly pure and works well as a reagent.

In every application where distilled water can be used, deionized water can also be used without issue or complication. However, if your application requires deionized water, it is important not to use distilled water in its place.

Several industrial and pharmaceutical applications use deionized water for its heightened purity. Labs use deionized water as a reagent to eliminate impurities during chemical experiments. Aquariums and industrial cooling applications can use a deionized water system to prevent buildup of contaminants like calcium.

Orders of deionized water over $150 receive free shipping in the lower 48 states. Depending on your location, shipping can take as little as one business day through FedEx Ground. Most orders are received within 3 - 5 business days. For same day shipping, please contact us directly before you buy deionized water.

Bulk deionized water is a necessary and vital component in dozens of industries. When it comes to providing pure water for cleaning, cooling and more, nothing works quite as well as deionized water from Serv-A-Pure. The industries we serve include:

Unsure of the best deionized water system for you? Our professionals will discuss your project and make recommendations for the best deionized water filter, tank and more. Contact us today to speak with our staff about our deionized water products.

If you're wondering where to buy deionized water, look no further. Serv-A-Pure has been in business for over 60 years, providing deionized water systems, sales and support services for our clients. Our values include a high standard of quality for our bulk deionized water products and an even higher standard of customer service for our clients. We develop relationships with our customers so they know that they have a deionized water partner for their needs.

We want to remove the variables in your deionized water formula. When you partner with Serv-A-Pure, you can rest assured that we will have all of your ongoing system maintenance needs in mind. We stock filters, flow meters and other instrumentation to keep an eye on your deionized water.

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