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Arseny Fists
Arseny Fists

How 116 Clique Turned the New Testament Letters into Rap Music in 13 Letters

Updated drug formulary endorsements for Medicare Part B coverage for outpatient medications have been issued for 2020. For outpatient medications effective through 2020, the new formulary endorsements will provide a more focused list of preferred drugs available through prescription compounding in accordance with the CMS extension of the Generic Drug Manufacturer Reimbursement (GDMR) policy during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The new formulary endorsements provide a list of medications that qualify for GDMR for medications with a proposed average wholesale price (AWP) of $150 or less for generic medication, and for medications that qualify for GDMR with an AWP of $100 or less if manufactured by or for a single entity.

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In December 2019, CMS developed the Prescription Drug List Update Tool (PDLT) to assist physicians, pharmacists, and other prescribers and pharmacists who are the prescribers of covered outpatient medications, including specialty- and repackaged-generic drugs, in adjusting medicine reimbursement payments to reflect physician-recommended, evidence-based medicine changes associated with the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. In accordance with the extension of the GDMR policy, CMS is issuing updated formulary endorsements for outpatient medications effective as of January 1, 2020.

  • The CMS Payment and Denial System (CMS-PDS) is available to use by all providers submitting medical claims for payment by Medicare and by all enrollees on their Part D and traditional Medicare claims. The system simplifies the workflow of submitting or denying claims by providing tools for providers to easily track their claim activity and keep track of their submissions and DENIALs. These workflow and tracking tools include: Enhanced Reports - Enhance existing reports, add new report categories, and perform standard and exception analysis with one click. This new report includes: Denial Reason List - For each claim or reason for denial, a list of denial reasons is provided.

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