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Where To Buy Ideal Shakes

Everyone has their own opinion about where the best milkshake is from. We all have our personal favorites, but many of us haven't tried enough places to know if there's something better out there. Because of this, I compiled this list based on where I would be likely to go if I wanted a milkshake on a whim. I also thought about pricing, since I am a college student and it's important to save money.

where to buy ideal shakes

My friends and I decided to try milkshakes from multiple fast food establishments to determine which are the best. We ultimately ranked the milkshakes based on price, flavor variety, consistency, and taste. Find out which of the following are the best fast food milkshakes.

Five Guys shakes aren't bad at all. In fact, they're pretty delicious. They have a range of flavors from the simple to the more unexpected, like bacon. At $4.49 per milkshake, they run a bit high in price. For those of you who enjoy a milkshake at an almost soft-serve consistency, this is the shake for you.

Wendy's is known for their thick milkshakes, or Frostys. They have their classic chocolate and vanilla milkshakes in four different sizes from jr. to large. Prices range from $0.99 to $2.29, so it's definitely on the lower side, budget-wise. Can't go wrong with a classic.

Arby's milkshakes are similar to Wendy's milkshakes. They have their classic flavors, vanilla and chocolate, and a special flavor, Jamocha. They have the same thick consistency as the others listed previously. They also offer three different sizes ranging in price from $1.99 to $2.99.

Shake Shack has some amazing flavor choices, from seasonal flavors to the classics. Beyond those, they also have peanut butter, black and white, and salted caramel. Their milkshakes are smooth, creamy, and delicious. Shake Shack's shakes are a bit more on the expensive side though, at $5.79 for speciality and $5.29 for the originals.

Burgerfi has some pretty good shakes. They aren't too thick, but they still have that creamy taste every milkshake needs. Burgerfi makes the classic milkshake, milkshake floats, and malts. They're a bit pricier ($4.97 for one size), which is about the size of a small at another milkshake place.

Sonic shakes are great, but they aren't actually milkshakes though. Sonic technically classifies their "shakes" as ice cream. Might as well be a milkshake though since a lot of shakes on this list were as thick as soft serve. They do provide some unique flavors though, such as three different Oreo brand flavors. Their pricing is not bad as well, from mini ($1.99) to large ($4.59) you can't go wrong with Sonic.

Overall, Chick-fil-A and Steak 'n Shake were close contenders for the number one spot. Steak 'n shake won the top spot in my opinion because of the variety of flavors offered. With over 20 different flavors, ranging form the classic chocolate to specialty shakes inspired by iconic candy bars, it's a great reason for it to be the top choice. Also at a price of $3.69 a shake, it's pretty low on the price scale, so even better for our wallets.

If you're not into buying milkshakes and being adventurous, try out some of these tricks for taking your milkshake to the next level. You really can't go wrong with any of the shakes on this list though.

However, Cassetty warns that aside from convenience, she doesn't typically recommend ready-to-drink shakes because they're often a sneaky source of added sugars which can both thwart your fitness efforts and contribute to health problems.

While you can't trust every RTD protein shake on the shelf, there are a few that have simple ingredients and derive their protein from healthy sources like whey protein concentrate or plant-based sources. Among those options, I tested 11 shakes to make sure they were drinkable and didn't taste like liquid chalk.

Below are the RTD shakes that made the nutritional and palatable cut. At the end of this guide, we go into more detail on which brands aren't worth your money, tips on how much protein you should really be consuming, and the testing methodology I used in narrowing down the five best. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches fitness products.

The Dymatize ISO100 Clear 100% Whey Protein Isolate Drink uniquely has low-to-no carbohydrates, depending on the flavor you choose. This makes it ideal for individuals on a low-carb diet (although it also has 0 grams of fat, so while it is keto-friendly, it might not be an ideal addition to a keto diet).

If your goal is to build muscle mass or cut fat, experts and research say you want to aim for 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (that's anywhere from 75-150 grams in a day for a 150-lb person, or 100-200 grams in a day for a 200-lb person).

Ingredients: Based on the advice of Samantha Cassetty, RD, I looked for shakes with simple ingredients and ingredient lists. She recommended that protein come from whey concentrate or plant-based sources (soy, brown rice, pea, etc) and that bottles have no artificial sugars, corn syrups, and low-to-no added sugars. Cassetty also said it was best to avoid the thickener carrageenan since it could be a potential inflammatory agent; it was nearly impossible to avoid options with carrageenan completely since it's quite pervasive in the drinks, but I prioritized those without it and noted which drinks did contain it. I also considered whether the drink was GMO-free, organic, vegan, or featured other significant certifications.

Flavor: I drank at least three bottles of each of the protein shakes in this guide at different times and in different situations to account for changes in flavor receptors throughout the day. I rated how they tasted on a scale of 1 to 10. Most scored at least 6, and the top drinks were 8 or better. I also noted whether there was an aftertaste or if it was a chore to drink the shake, which can be a deal-breaker for a post-workout protein source.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, adults should consume around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily (0.36 g/lb). We advise having whole food meals in addition to protein shakes to ensure you are getting adequate protein and are not missing out on other important nutrients.

Weight loss happens when you consume fewer calories than your body utilizes for energy. Protein shakes do not themselves help you lose weight, but eating enough protein, some of which can come from protein shakes, can help you feel full and satisfied. This may help you eat in a way that better supports your body, which may or may not lead to weight loss. We recommend focusing on eating in a way that makes you feel good and maintains your energy levels rather than focusing on the number on the scale. We do not advise replacing meals with protein shakes on a regular basis as you may miss out on other key nutrients.

Protein shakes can help you build muscle when paired with resistance exercise. Protein however can also be obtained through whole food sources. Consuming protein drinks without exercise will not result in increases in muscle.

If you want the option to switch between personal smoothies and blending up party-sized batches of frozen margaritas then the Foodi Power Blender & Processor System is another great pick from the Ninja Foodi line. In our tests, the blender produced smooth and creamy soups and milkshakes.

Eva (she/her) is a reviews analyst in the Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab, where she tests kitchen gear, home appliances and culinary innovations. She graduated from NYU with a bachelor of science in food studies, nutrition and public health and is a trained chef through the Natural Gourmet Institute. Eva has more than 10 years of experience in the food industry, working as a food stylist, personal chef and marketing manager.

The best blender for protein shakes is easy to use and clean and comes with a personal jar or two to take your shake with you on the go. You may need something that can liquefy hard and fibrous ingredients like greens and seeds, but if you tend to simply toss some ice and protein powder in the jar, an inexpensive blender with a compact design may be what you're looking for.

We've tested more than 85 blenders, and below are our recommendations for the best options for protein shakes. If you're looking for a full-size blender, the models included on our best blenders for smoothies list are also great for protein shakes. See our recommendations for the best personal blenders and the best bullet blenders.

The best blender for protein shakes we've tested is the Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO. A personal blender is convenient if you're looking for a blender specifically for shakes. This model doesn't take up too much space on your counter and comes with a pair of 24-ounce personal jars with to-go lids, so you can blend a smoothie and use the blending jar as a travel cup. It has no problem crushing ice, so it's ideal for recipes that involve ice, liquid, and protein powder. If you like fibrous fruits and vegetables like kale, it has no trouble making a practically perfectly smooth blend.

This blender also comes with a 'Smoothie Bowl Maker' jar with arms inside that you can rotate with a knob on top. They act a bit like a tamper, allowing you to stir the ingredients without stopping the machine, which is great if you like to add nut butter to shakes and want to make your own. Unlike many personal blenders, it has a few automatic blending programs, so you can multi-task while your shake blends. However, it's loud, even for a blender, which is a downside if you like an early-morning shake and don't want to wake up the whole house. 041b061a72

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