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Linde Pathfinder Crack [UPD]

Our cracking furnaces deliver outstanding ethylene selectivity, capacity, runtimes and energy efficiency. Customers also frequently quote highest process safety, ease of operation and robustness as key success factors. Designed to support any feedstock scenario and combination, our furnaces convert raw materials such as ethane, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), butane, naphtha, atmospheric gas oil (AGO), hydrocracker residue, bio-naphtha, bio-diesel and plastic waste pyrolysis oil with end boiling points up to 580C into ethylene and valuable by-products by means of thermal cracking (pyrolysis). In recent years, we have designed cracking furnaces with capacities in excess of 250 kta to meet ever-growing demand for ethylene. Our proprietary technologies utilize the latest coil geometries and metals, proprietary air preheating concepts, next-generation ultra-low-NOx burners and catalytic DeNOx systems to keep emission levels below national and international regulations, maximize yields and minimize energy consumption.

Linde Pathfinder Crack

The separation train of an ethylene plant is a very complex process sequence. Our engineering experts work closely with our customers to optimize every step in this process flow with a view to maximizing return on investment and minimizing energy consumption. Depending on the feedstock, target yield and product specifications, we tailor our superior steam cracking and ethylene separation technologies to customer-specific demands. Customers can thus rely on our ethylene plants for the highest process safety, lowest CAPEX, best OPEX, high availability, robustness and ease of operation/maintenance. As a leading ethylene licensor and T-EPC contractor, our one-stop service includes all necessary sublicenses so customers can look forward to a seamless, end-to-end cracker design.

Plant operators are always eager to increase profitability and remain competitive in the marketplace. We have developed an innovative solution to maximize the yield of high-value components such as propylene and butadiene. It combines mild or extremely mild cracking severity conditions with a toolbox containing various operational and technical measures aimed at optimizing the processing and treatment of recycle streams. Suited to both new and revamp projects, this proprietary, state-of-the-art technology provides customers with the benefit of optimized plant economics.

Our holistic approach is based on a methodology specifically developed to assess steam crackers and entire petrochemical sites. Combined with a broad toolbox of dedicated technical solutions for either avoidance/reduction or elimination, we help to optimize carbon management and sustainability in existing and newly built facilities by focusing on the following:

We have developed a set of advanced digital solutions to make life easier for plant operators. Complementing the smart cracking furnace solutions mentioned above, we also offer a variety of solutions to help our customers maximize their returns. These include: 076b4e4f54

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