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Montrell Reid
Montrell Reid

Svengali Subtitles English

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Hey this isn't important or anything but I thought it would be worth a mention. I'm a 15 year old australian and absolutely love Rex. I own the first 5 seasons on DVD. Anyways I was watching the Doll Murderer the other day, and when they were trying to identify the dead woman Moser is quoted as saying "25 to thirty years old, brown hair 70 metres tall." I just thought that was so funny.I have german grandparents and every now and then I can catch a word of they are saying and understand it. I didn't know what he really said there but in another episode Brandtner gets a call while Christian is over to go to the office. The subtitles say "Come on guys lets go." But what Brandtner actually said was "Come kinder" which means "come on children"I thought that was funny too. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!

Like most people told you, we can't get the series on DVD in Europe. I'm from Slovenia (a neighbour of Austria) and they just re-aired the series, everybody wants DVD's and everybody is ordering online from Australia, since we can't get them anywhere else.It's a damn shame but with the new technologies I recorded every episode with subtitles so I don't need to bother with DVD's ;).The only thing I'm waiting for is the new Kommissar Rex (made in 2007) to get on DVD's does anybody know when the DVD's are going to be released? 781b155fdc

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