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Shakugan No Shana Season 1 Eclipse Torrent [BEST]


well, this episode is probably the shortest of the 4 part series. but that doesn't mean it is easy at all. natsumi, sone and ochanai do some unnecessary traveling/chasing after kaname and what is left in the episode is certainly a 'bird's eye view' of the valley of yamanaka that

fortunately, lacks considerable buildup. so all of us had quite a lot of waiting to do. luckily, this episode has a lot of action and is enjoyable for the most part. the english sub is quite decent but the main cast don't use much of it while some funny parts are kept in japanese. the first 2 parts of the series was an excellent adaptation of its light novels with and without moral at its best and shakugan no shana s is not disappointing in the least. the animation and art style are still top notch. the change in setting also did well, i could easily imagine the entire yamanaka set up being covered in a pitch black, and the students of the school being made feel like it was in a dream the moment they open their eyes. but, about the characters themselves. this episode gave us a full spectrum of characters in the form of people we do not see often in this series, like loli middle school students, the school's ugly crying bully, several naughty bits that don't need much description, and a lustful alchemist. these characters are very well developed. but some overly used characters like ruri are still getting the short shrift in the present series.

the animation/art style is still top notch, the music is never get boring and unlike the past episodes, this one actually has a few good moments of serious dialogue. from supporting characters like natsuhi and hyochi, to the main cast and their vocal performance. the animation style however doesn't feel as polished as it was in the first 2 series. it still mostly remains pretty conventional, albeit there are a few moments that do try to be innovative. still, the animation is reasonably fluid and the battle sequences are visually appealing. like with the first 2 series, i was impressed with the cg. especially the way the characters looked and acted different than they normally do. it doesn't seem to be an attempt to replicate a new style and it feels like it is a natural fit. maybe a criticism i have is that they used a few animations that don't fit the characters' personalities. which could lead to humorous looking scenes that were hard to take seriously. 3d9ccd7d82

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