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Buy World Cup Final Tickets VERIFIED

Tickets for the World Cup final have historically been expensive and highly sought-after. As we progress into the latter stages of this tournament, GOAL has all the information you need below for this year's showpiece final.

buy world cup final tickets

According to FIFA's website: "During this sales period, tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and ticket purchases are processed as a real-time transaction, subject to availability. All successfully purchased tickets will be confirmed immediately to the ticket applicants."

You CANNOT choose your specific seat when purchasing tickets. Whether you bought tickets in the Random Lottery Phase or in First Come, First Serve Phase, seats are allocated weeks before the tournament starts.

With that said, there will be plenty of opportunity to take the risk online or in person at the event. There seems to be as many successful stories as there are horror stories (arrested, fake tickets, robbery, etc). The choice and subsequent consequence is yours to make and own.

Here is my problem. I bought 1st round tickets in 2nd FIFA selling phase. These tickets were generic. They are random at each stadium.Recently, our National Soccer federation offered tickets for their own fans through their website sponsored by FIFA which ensures watching game with our fans. I sold or 3 games of 1st round tickets back to FIFA resale platform and bought these 3 games for 2 of us in the same time. Now, original tickets are gone and new tickets are in, BUT, new tickets I can only transfer, I can not keep!? They landed on my phone in my app but they are guest tickets. What do I do. Flying in 10 days from now to Qatar.

Hi, I have a question about attendance/no-show situations. Is FIFA particularly strict on enforcing attendance? If someone bought a package of tickets, but ended up missing a few matches due to unforeseen circumstances (travel delays, illness etc.), will FIFA take notice of this and penalise the person? For example, will FIFA ban the person from attending future games or buying future tickets? Thank you.

FIFA accepted the joint bid from Canada, Mexico and the US to host the 2026 World Cup back in June 2018, beating Morocco in a final vote during the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup starting in November.

If you're interested in attending the 2026 World Cup, here's what you need to know about the host cities and when you'll be able to get your hands on tickets to watch one of the greatest events in sports in person.

As of now, tickets to the 2026 World Cup are not on sale. FIFA will announce more information later. You can expect tickets to go on sale sometime in 2025 or 2026. Tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar first went on sale in January this year.

Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets can only be bought from the official ticketing website at An official RWC 2023 resale platform will launch at the beginning of 2023 for ticketholders wishing to resell one or more tickets in a safe and secure way.

If you would like to book wheelchair spaces, you can now book tickets online. To have this enabled on your account please email [email protected]. If you are already set up click here to log in and book these spaces.

E-tickets will be issued as standard and we will endeavour to send them by email up to 4 days in advance of the performance. You do not have to print these tickets, and can simply show them on your phone for us to scan on entry. It may be helpful to share the tickets with all group members so that everyone has their ticket accessible to them, should it be required at any point.

A Category 4 ticket for the final costs $205.69, while the cheapest ticket for a non-Qatar resident is $603.36. Category 1 tickets cost a whopping $1,604.39 each. For comparison, ticket prices for the 2018 World Cup final ranged from $455-$1,100. 041b061a72

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