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Samsung, LG And HTC In List Of Dual SIM Android Phones

In terms of hardware specs, the LG V30 has everything you would expect from a flagship phon. In addition to being one of the best phones with 4GB RAM, it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 , along with 64 GB of onboard storage, a 3,300 mAh battery, and a IP68 dust and water resistance rating. LG is heavily promoting the advanced camera and photography features on the V30m too. It has a dual rear camera that includes a 16 MP sensor with a f/1.6 aperture, along with a 13 MP sensor with a f/1.9 aperture. The rear camera has a Crystal Clear Lens instead of plastic, which should mean you should get more realistic looking photos with the V30. Video creators should have fun with software features like Cine Video, which allows users to quickly put in video effects, along with Point Zoom, which will let owners zoom into any point in a video.

Samsung, LG and HTC in list of dual SIM Android phones


For Android users, we suggest a newer device like a Certified Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. The expansive 6.9-inch screen is perfect for gaming and supports a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for realistic playback. It has the greatest battery capacity of any phone in the S20 line, which is ideal for long sessions. The version with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage is best-suited for demanding games and should have you running the latest titles with ease. Certified Refurbished phones are backed by the manufacturer and are guaranteed to arrive in like-new condition.

Video calls are one of the most useful smartphone features, helping elderly people keep in touch with friends and family over long distances. Most modern phones can support the technology, so your choice will be guided largely by cost. You can opt for a Certified Refurbished Samsung phone if you like having the latest, greatest device, or consider a Very Good Refurbished Galaxy Note10+ when searching for a bargain. The 6.8-inch screen is ideal for people who may have poor vision, while the 10MP front camera and three rear-facing cameras (16MP Ultra Wide, 12MP Wide-angle, and 12MP Telephoto) make it great for photography buffs.Apple fans should consider an iPhone XS Max in Good Refurbished condition . The 6.5-inch OLED Multi-Touch display makes it easy to see everyone on video calls, while you're equipped with a 7MP selfie camera and two 12MP rear-facing cameras (Wide-angle and Telephoto) to take photos to share online. Choosing a refurbished iPhone XS Max is an affordable way for Apple loyalists to upgrade to a better device without stretching their budgets.

What's the difference between an eBay Refurbished phone and a used phone? eBay Refurbished phones are cleaned, inspected, and refurbished by the manufacturer or qualified sellers who grade them based on four conditions: Certified Refurbished, Excellent Refurbished, Very Good Refurbished, and Good Refurbished. Each grade has specific guidelines for the phone's appearance and battery life. Used phones' functionality and ascetics are defined by the individual seller and are not provided by a vetted eBay Refurbished seller.

There are a few phone models that support dual SIM cards. Dual SIM cards allow you to have two separate phone lines with two phone numbers. You may use one for work and the other for personal, and not have to carry 2 phones. You may also take your phone to other countries, and use the second SIM slot for local carrier service. You may choose to use one SIM as the primary, and the other for secondary so that if you make a call it will use your primary phone line. You may also selectively pick a secondary phone line to make a phone call. You'll receive a call and SMS from both phone lines.

Dual standby means both SIM cards can connect (listen) to their own mobile networks. These two SIM cards in the same phone can even be from one carrier. In this case, both are connected to the same mobile network independently, just like from two different phones.

However, in dual standby Android phones, there is only one set of hardware (mainly receiver) to serve two SIM cards. In other words, two SIM cards share one set of hardware through time sharing algorithms implemented in the software level.

Because 2G voice calls uses circuit switched data connection. This means once the call is engaged, the SIM card will use the receiver exclusively. So, for dual standby phones, this means the other SIM card will lose mobile network connection (unregistered). If someone calls you to the number associated with the unregistered SIM card at this time, the call will be unreachable. Depending on your settings with your carrier (not your phone), you can choose to divert call to voicemail, or divert call to other numbers, or do not divert.

If you want to make both SIM cards always available in a dual standby phone, you need to set up call forwarding and enable call waiting as explained in How to make two SIM cards always available in dual SIM dual standby Android phones page.

So, dual standby Android phones may work like dual active phones when you are engaged a voice call through voLTE. In this case, if someone calls you in the other SIM card, you should get an incoming call notification as in a dual active Android phone. But you cannot put any call on-hold or on-wait, even your carrier support these.

Moreover, it is obvious dual active is superior to dual standby. But you will find it is very, very difficult to find a high-end dual active dual SIM Android phones in the market. Most of dual SIM Android phones are dual standby only.

In addition, the standby time of dual active phones will be reduced significantly (almost halved) given the same battery capacity. This sounds matters. But actually, it does MOT matter for most users. For example, Google Pixel XL phone has a standby time of 23 days. Most users charge phones every day. So reducing the standby time to 12 days is not a big deal.

Big phone manufacturers are also reluctant to build dual SIM phones. They also want to sell more phones. Samsung only started to make flagship phones dual SIM capable in 2016. Before 2016, they usually released a duo version in very limited markets. As mentioned, dual standby phones does not increase cost for manufactures.

4G+2G dual SIM phones can connect only one SIM card to 4G (or 3G) network. The other SIM card can only connect to 2G. Usually, the SIM card slot does NOT matter. Most dual SIM Android phones allow you to specify and change them. For example, you can specify which SIM card is used for data in Moto devices (Moto G, Moto E, Moto X and Moto Z)

Dual 4G means both SIM card can connect to 4G (or 3G or 2G) network in standby mode. This matters in some regions where 2G network has been or will be phased out. For most dual SIM dual standby 4G phones, when one SIM card connect to 4G (usually the card you assigned for mobile data), the other card will connect to 3G voice (UMTS).

If you have any questions on choosing or using dual SIM Android phones, or if you want to share your thoughts or experiences on dual SIM Android phones (dual active or dual standby), please let us know in the comment box below.

I understand your requirements. But unfortunately, none of the dual active Android phones, as i know, support 4G/3G+4G/3G. The second modern on these phones supports 2G only. Your only option is probably dual standby ones. Some are dual 4G/3G in standby mode, for example, LG G4 dual 4G.

3G/4G+3G/4G dual sim phones are usually limited. It also depends on the region models. Dual SIM version of Moto G5 is probably the cheapest 3G+3G/4G phone. LG usually markets dual 4G capabilities for their dual SIM models. Samsung supports 3G+4G from S7 (works in some regions only). Sony also have a few such phones. Anyway, it depends on your budget. You need to confirm it with the seller when buying one.

As mentioned, some vendors now can implement 3G+3G/4G on dual standby phones. This can make the phone work like dual active phones (when 3G/4G network is available for both SIM cards). But this depends on vendor and region. The latest dual SIM version of Galaxy S8, and some (not all) Sony and LG dual SIM phones can do this. Dual SIM version of Galaxy S7 requires software update and works in some regions only.

But more and more dual standby phones can work in 4G/3G+3G. This makes them close to dual active phones. But this may depends on regions. For example, dual SIM version of Galaxy S8 may work in this way in regions where 2G has been officially retired.

Its indeed great to read your comments and support. I am looking forward to buy a dual sim dual active mobile these days. Can you please suggest a list of most recent cell phones which support dual sim dual active feature. Best regards.

Other dual SIM phones with dedicated SD card slot are in middle range or budget range. The 2017 version of Samsung Galaxy A7 and A5 both have a dedicated SD card slot. Galaxy A9 2016 also has a dedicated sd card slot.

1. No, as I know. Dual active Android phones use 2G modem+ 2G/3G/4G modem.2. No, as I know.3. Yes, there are a few, for example, LG V20. Please note dual 4G is a marketing term. Most of such phones actually works in 4G/3G/2G+3G/2G mode in stanby. Depending on firmware implementation, the sim card you specified for mobile data will try to connect the 4G LTE network. The other sim card will try to connect to 3G voice (UMTS). The only 4G+4G phone I tried is LG G4 dual. It seems newer LG dual SIM phones are 4G+3G only.4. Yes, there are many, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6. Again, I am taking about 4G+3G. When marketing guys say dual 4G, it means either sim card can use 4G.

Hello simon superb information.Presrntly am using asus zen 551 n its dual active in india. However fedup with tge phobe as it gives frequent headaches like phone hungs, voice not clear, last two days microphone not working and need to send for servicing fortunately under warranty n just 6 montgs old.Can you pl.suggest me any otger dual sim active phones w/o any manual call forward setting in androud.

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