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Monica And Friends: Lessons


As soon as I heard every single episode of Friends was coming to Netflix, I knew I could chalk up the beginning of the year as a loss. How could I actually drag myself out of my apartment to get things done when the gang was waiting to share their escapades with me It just wasn't going to happen. During my binge-watch, I've realized Friends has so many invaluable love lessons that everyone could stand to learn from, so I can pretty much call it research. Here are my favorite takeaways (spoilers abound!).

Over the course of ten seasons, the six characters of Friends had a lot of sex. Naturally, we had the most takeaway from their carnal hypotheses and hilarious pitfalls. Here are their 6 most important lessons:

The cast of friends have made all these beauty blunders so we don't have to, and for that, we are eternally grateful. As far as we're concerned, over-plucking our eyebrows in our teens and cutting our own fringe caused enough trauma without adding slip-ups like those into the mix. With that in mind, it's time to dive into a nostalgic whirl of game-changing baths and botched brow jobs and learn a few serious beauty lessons along the way...

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As much as we all know it's quite impossible to live in New York City, in huge apartments with job titles like waitress or freelance massage therapist, we never questioned it at all. Their lives were far from perfect, but they taught us a lot of lessons that we needed to learn. Whether it's that you shouldn't work out when you have a hernia or that not everything comes easy in life (Monica had to wear fake boobs to work for a while, don't forget), they were lessons we'll take with us everywhere. Serious or not, it's the most bingeable (not a word, now a word) and best show ever. So here are 18 most important life lessons Friends taught us.

Monica, now 22, said she's learned some hard lessons in her struggle to balance these competing worlds, \"Some of the things that I've chosen have had repercussions. I've suffered 'em, I've learned from 'em and then I keep moving. I'm just thankful to still be here.\" 59ce067264

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