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Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed Game Download ...

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Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed Game Download ...

Hello! SO i have found a disc of this game, and decided to replay it. I patched it so it doesnt have DRM, patched the borderless option in and when i launch the game, DXWnd logo shows up, and after that, black screen. What am i doing wrong (not running game in compatibility settings. or admin mode, as then i cant alt tab)EDIT: Im also using this: -graphics-hacks/downloads/What options i use are below

1) download and install (decompress) the most recent release v2.05.27 from SF download area (it is the default download)2) import the configuration for "Need for Speed 5 Porsche Unleashed.dxw"3) Modify the game updating the Path field to set the local game path (so far, it's pretty obvious)4) Modify the game to collect some meaningful logs (see the screenshot)5) Run the game for only a few seconds until you see the black window, terminate the game6) Grab the log file, compress and post it here.

Yes, because I didn't want to steal Dege's merits by distributing its work in my package.You can download the dgVoodoo package here: _62.zipThen you should copy the dlls in the MS folder (DDRAW.DLL, D3D8.DLL, D3D9.DLL etc.) to alt.dll or directly in the game folder.

If the downloaded file is a car:- extract the *.fsh (except the finallogos.fsh), *.tpg and the *.crp files to the NFSPU\GameData\ directory, where the NFSPU is the directory of the game (*.fsh is the extension of the file, ex.: 996.fsh)- extract the *.sim files to the NFSPU\GameData\Simulation\CarData directory- extract the finallogos.fsh to the NFSPU\FeData\Art directory- and extract the *.sav file to the NFSPU\SaveData directory

if the downloaded file is a track:There are a few problems if the track hasn't got the readme file, because there can be two *.fsh files present- if two *.fsh files are present, then extract the larger file to the NFSPU\GameData\Tracks directory and the smaller to the NFSPU\GameData\Tracks\Sky directory- extract the *.bin and *.txt files (if present) to the NFSPU\GameData\Tracks\Sky directoryimportant note: for the downloaded tracks to work you need to have the tracks installed. If the Track directory is empty, you'll have to reinstall the game with tracks.

If you downloaded a car there are two choices:- the downloaded car has overwritten an existing one. To race with the downloaded car just choose the one that was overwritten.- you got a separate savegame which includes the downloaded car. In order to race with the car you'll have to choose the new profile when you start the game.

Application: Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed/2000Category: GamesDescription: Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, released as Need for Speed: Porsche 2000 in Europe and Need for Speed: Porsche in Latin America, is a racing video game released in 2000. It is the fifth installment in the Need for Speed series. Unlike other NFS titles, Porsche Unleashed centers on racing Porsche sports cars, with models ranging from 1950 to 2000. Players can race in four game modes namely Evolution, Factory Driver, casual Singleplayer and Multiplayer parties. In Evolution mode, players purchase Porsche production vehicles as well as race cars in a series of tournaments and club meeting events. Each is divided in three eras; Classic Era, Golden Era and Modern Era. Players start from the introduction of the first 356 1100 to the debut of the 996 Turbo. Most tournaments differ in difficulty level, entry fee and number of tracks and course types. Factory Driver puts players in the role of an official Porsche test driver. Players will need to deliver cars and take part in races after being signed to Porsche. They also need to beat challenges from other test drivers such as slaloms through parts of tracks or test cars from the team's mechanic.Note: This is only a PortableApps Launcher and does not include the game itself. You will have to provide the game's files yourself. Please read the Help.html file for instructions.

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