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Nikifor Solovyov
Nikifor Solovyov

Elvis Presley Moody Blue !FREE!

Well, it's hard to be a gamblerBettin' on the numberThat changes ev'ry timeWell, you think you're gonna winThink she's givin' inA stranger's all you findYeah, it's hard to figure outWhat she's all aboutThat she's a woman through and throughShe's a complicated lady, so color my baby moody blue,

Elvis Presley Moody Blue

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Well, when Monday comes she's Tuesday,When Tuesday comes she's Wednesday,Into another day againHer personality unwinds Just like a ball of twineOn a spool that never endsJust when I think I know her wellHer emotions reveal,She's not the person thatI though I knewShe's a complicated lady, so color my baby moody blue, 041b061a72

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