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Handicap betting: What is it? Effective tips for playing handicap betting

In online football betting, handicap betting is one of the popular options chosen by many players. Today's article, let's explore in detail what handicap betting is and effective tips for playing handicap betting with wintips!

I. What is handicap betting?

Handicap betting of the bookmakers is a type of betting that evaluates the difference between two teams at a specific ratio to balance a unit of betting or a ball.

The basic unit of handicap betting is 0.25 (¼ ball).

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II. Basic types of handicap betting today

1. Draw no bet

This is also known as a tie, in which the player bets on the team with the tie score to win the bet and vice versa. Typically, draw no bet appears when:

The bookmaker evaluates the two teams as having the same form and lineup.

The strong teams have recently played poorly, they will also have their score reduced by the bookmaker.

2. Half-ball handicap

This handicap is also known as a 0.25 ball handicap, 1/4, 0 1.5, the remaining ratio is 0.25. Accordingly:

When a team wins a match, the handicap bettor will win and vice versa.

In the case of a tie, the handicap bettor loses half of the bet amount, and the other half goes to the non-handicap bettor who wins the bet.

Therefore, the bet amount is 1.25, 2.25, 3.25.. Are calculated.

3. Half-ball handicap

The half-ball handicap, also known as the 0.5 ball handicap, shows that the bookmaker evaluates the handicap below 0.5 ball.

If the handicap team wins a match, the handicap bettor will win and vice versa.

In the case of a tie, the handicap bettor will lose all money and the non-handicap bettor will win half.

This bet is calculated in a similar way in markets such as 1.5, 2.5, 3.5...

4. One-and-a-half ball handicap

This level is also known as 0.75, 3/4. Therefore, this bet level is for the away team to handicap 0.75.

So if the handicap team wins at least two remaining wins, the handicap bet will make enough money. If the handicap team wins one goal, they win half of the bet amount. If you draw or lose to an accepted handicap team, you will lose money.

If the handicap team does not win enough money when tied or winning the match.

The odds of 1.75, 2.75, 3.75... Are calculated similarly.

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5. One-ball handicap

This bet indicates that one team has a remaining handicap.

If the handicap team wins the remaining two goals, the handicap bet will make enough money. The handicap team will win or draw a draw. If they lose, the handicap bet will lose.

The odds of 1.95, 2.95, 3.95... Are calculated similarly.

III. Why should you bet on handicaps in football at reputable places?

If you want to feel secure and avoid risks when participating in online football betting, you need to choose a reputable football field to bet on handicaps. These places have both a reputable brand and a large number of players. At the same time, the odds of betting are very diverse, and there is always a betting option for every tournament.

On the other hand, large and reputable bookmakers have the ability to manage and update complete football betting data. Therefore, the handicap ratio of a reputable bookmaker is always more accurate than that of another party.

Typically, for example, when you participate in betting with a reputable football betting bookmaker, at this time, all information about the handicap is provided in a very detailed and complete manner. And you just need to bet on the handicaps by paying the money.

IV. Is handicap betting in football difficult to play?

Handicap betting is known as a popular form of betting in football. But players need to take the time to learn more to master how to bet on football handicaps.

There are many people who do not bother to learn, so they are not familiar with handicap betting immediately when participating. Each type of betting has its own characteristics. To become perfect, you need to study and learn diligently.

Important points to learn how to play handicap betting quickly. In other words, when it comes to handicap betting, you will learn about the overall betting odds.

V. Effective Handicap Betting Experience

If you rely on luck and think that you can make money through luck, then betting is really a wrong idea. Football betting is a discipline that requires a lot of time and experience to win big. Here are some shared handicap betting experiences by professional bookmakers that players can refer to:

Handicap Betting Strategy

To become a good bettor, you need to win hundreds of matches and players need to know information related to the game, analyze the possibilities, and investigate carefully. Here are some important information you need to know to have accurate evaluations:

The current position of the playing teams

The number of points on the international rankings,...

An overview of the playing history of the two teams

The scoring ability of a player, the ability to predict the direction of the goalkeeper.

Recent form of the team.

Objective factors such as weather, venue, etc.

Experience in Choosing Betting Odds

First, to choose the appropriate odds for the home or away team, you need to observe all the betting odds of the matches on the day, before the official match takes place from 3-4 hours. Then, 30 minutes to an hour after the match, look back and check the movement of the handicap.

In many special cases, players can bet on handicaps based on a combination of tips from experts:

Strong team and weak team with 0.5 handicap. Choose to bet on the weak team because the handicap odds are low and the strength is not much different.

If you feel that both teams are evenly matched, choose the away match.

The handicap point decreases and the bet decreases 30 minutes before the match starts. Choose the remaining teams.

If your handicap odds decrease by 0.25 but your bet increases accordingly before the game time, you will choose the lowest team because the bookmakers evaluate this match very highly.

The European handicap is increasing and the Asian handicap has not changed much, so you need to choose the home team.

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If the Asian handicap is not volatile while the European handicap is slightly increasing, bookmakers overestimate the lowest teams, so they place bets on the lowest teams.

At this point, readers probably understand what handicap betting is, the basic types of handicap betting, and effective handicap betting experiences. Hopefully, with the information that wintips shared, it will help players in the process of participating in football betting.

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