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Shantaram is an American drama thriller television series created by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot, based on the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts.[1] The story drew inspiration from Roberts' own life, which is about a bank robber from Australia who flees the country to India. The series will consist of twelve episodes directed by Bharat Nalluri, Iain B. MacDonald and Bronwen Hughes. Steve Lightfoot joined as showrunner after Eric Warren Singer departed the project. It is produced by Fair Honest Positive Creative, The 4 Keys, Bohemian Risk Productions, Square Head Productions, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television Studios and was distributed by Apple Inc. for their streaming service, Apple TV+. The series premiered on 14 October, 2022 and concluded on 16 December, 2022.[2] In December 2022, the series was cancelled after one season.[3]

In January 2018, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television Studios acquired the rights to Shantaram, with plans to repurpose it as a television series.[14] In June 2018, it was announced that Apple Inc. was developing a television adaptation of the novel for Apple TV+, becoming one of their first international production with two other series announced during its launch.[15][16] Eric Warren Singer was appointed as the screenwriter, who was to also serve as the executive producer alongside David Manson, Nicole Clemens, Steve Golin, and Andrea Barron with Charlie Hunnam in the lead role.[17] Singer took more than year to complete the writing of the series. Pre-production work was completed by August 2019. In September 2019, Charlie Hunnam, Richard Roxburgh and Radhika Apte were cast as series leads, with Justin Kurzel set to direct the first two and last two episodes of the ten-part series.[18][19]

Shantaram was set to begin in Victoria, Australia, and Bhopal, India, as the primary locations. The Australian Government planned to provide $5 million for the production of the project through its Location Incentive program, with the Victorian Government also supporting the series through Film Victoria's Production Incentive Attraction Fund.[20] The budget was estimated at $100 million.[21]

In February 2020, Singer stepped down as showrunner of the series,[22] stating that the delay in shooting had created potential scheduling conflicts.[23] In November 2020, Apple hired Steve Lightfoot as the new showrunner for the series,[24][25] who completed writing the remaining episodes; Alexander Siddig joined the cast in March 2021. Siddig was approached to play the role of Kader Khan, a role rumoured to have been meant for Amitabh Bachchan, who Mira Nair had proposed.[26][27] Bharat Nalluri was announced as director of the remaining six episodes.[28]

Good series, and of course it is not politically corect, so leftist would not like it for sure, also the story is about a man, we all know how wrong they are about everything, I want somenthing make it by Disney PUFFFFF

The show brings all of this to life, but thankfully without veering too far into romanticizing or fetishizing the subject as so many others have done (yes, I'm looking at you, Slumdog Millionaire). The show does change some things from the book, but it's always faithful in this aspect. It's surprising that a lot of the series was actually filmed in Thailand instead of India, due to the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting production. In Shantaram, Bombay becomes a character all its own, a land inhabited by exiles, all running either away from something or towards something. It's important to remember that Gregory David Roberts, who wrote the novel the show is based on, used his own experiences to inform his story. The people and the events may not all be real, but the city that he lived in and wrote about certainly was. If the series had failed to capture that chaotic and vibrant portrait, then there would have been no point in its existence. Thankfully, it does.

In terms of simplified genre classifications, Shantaram is

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