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Subtitle Heaven Knows What

One aspect of the new Star Wars show Andor might have you puzzled: where are the Kenari subtitles? In flashbacks scattered across the first three episodes, we see Cassian's childhood on his home planet of Kenari. English (or, in Star Wars lingo, Basic) isn't spoken on Kenari, but there are no subtitles to explain what characters are saying. Not even turning the subtitles feature on in Disney Plus will reveal what the Kenari words mean.

subtitle Heaven Knows What

The choice not to include subtitles in the flashbacks is an intentional one, then, but it's not clear at the moment why that decision has been made. The easiest explanation is that it's all part of showing just how different Kenari's culture is to Ferrix, the planet Cassian lives on as an adult. It's obvious that being taken from Kenari as a child would have been quite the culture shock for the young boy. Plus, the storyline running through the flashbacks is easy to follow without understanding exactly what the kids are saying to each other.

JOE O'NEILL: What you are watching- there is a centralized market place where buyers and sellers congregate to establish the price. Last year the notional value of all the coffee contracts that was traded is about $140 billion. Coffee is the second most actively traded commodity in the world market. A lot of contracts are based upon the price of the New York Board of Trade coffee contracts. The producer knows what he can expect for his coffee. The buyer knows what he is going to pay for his coffee because they don't establish the price - the price is being established here, and most people in the world who get involved in the coffee industry pay attention to this price every day.

ROSA [foreign language with subtitles]: I'm proud of him. I thank God for giving him to me. He earned what he has got through relentless effort. He works day and night. He loves his farmers and defends their rights. He really loves the farmers. I'm happy because he does this. Why should the Ethiopian farmer toil in their bare feet? He wants them to afford a pair of shoes, to be well off. He asks why they still live in poverty when they're producing coffee. He is always pre-occupied with the farmers' poverty. He was planning to broaden his activities and God helped him get his dream job.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: We asked our farmers how much do they need for their red cherries, a kilo of red cherries which we are paying a maximum of 2 Ethiopian birr ($0.22) at this time. And they said, to make us live a better life, to send our children to school, to feed enough and have good clothing and a good life we need for a kilo of red cherry 10 birr ($1.10) which is the price which they are getting for their red cherry - last year had been 1 birr ($0.11) what they are need at this time to improve their life is 10 fold. It doesn't mean better life means having a car, having electricity or having a motorbike or... it doesn't that, At least to feed his family with nutritious food, to have clean water and to have clean clothes, and send his children to school.

FARMER [foreign language with subtitles]: Oh God of truth, God of heaven and earth, maker of everything who created this beautiful land. Help us farmers to get more from our green land. Help us to change our lives, get rid of poverty, build better houses to live in, satisfy our needs, educate our children and improve our lives.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: This is from the Oromia region, the western part of Ethiopia. SIMON WAKEFIELD: That is very nice quality Sundried. Very nice quality. When you open the bag you can smell it can't you, the fruitiness, the gaminess that is coming out of it, is what people look for in Ethiopian coffees.

TADESSE MESKELA [English with subtitles]: It's amazing, all coffees are here, but ours is not. No Ethiopian coffee at all. I am very sad because it reminds me of my farmers, they are desperate and they are getting a very low price - their daily income is very, very low. Here is our coffee here Mocha Sidamo. This is Mocha Sidamo. It took me a long time to get my coffee you see, it is just hidden behind. Our hope is one day the consumer will understand what he is drinking and will ask these people who are not having fair trade coffees to pay us a fair price. This is our hope. The consumers can bring a change if awareness is given to consumers to ask for more fair trade products. It is not only on coffee, all products which are coming from the third world are getting a very low price, and the producers are highly affected and the British people have to think of the people producing bananas as well as coffee and other products which are suffering from the low price. MUSIC

HEGER GOUTIER (French with subtitles): Agriculture and development are not only important for us, they are laid down in the agenda. Here, we're observers. We can't intervene to help our negotiations. We don't have an office here. We have to squat in rooms. That's what we have to cope with. We want to maximize our capabilities on an intellectual, practical and material level so we can participate effectively in these negotiations. 041b061a72

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